Let’s continue the list!

4. American football

The typical American sport today has become popular all over the world with the average salary for players of $2.1 million per year. The highest-paid player is Andrew Luck (USA) with the amount of $50 million.  

3. Ice hockey

$2.9 million is the average amount that sports stars are cold and this speed is received every year. The current highest-paid hockey player is Jonathan Toews (Canada) with a total income of $16 million (over VND 363 billion) in the 2016-2017 season.

2. Baseball

Maybe we find baseball quite boring and confusing but this is one of the very popular sports in the United States, the attraction and the money it brings is also very large. The salary that athletes receive is about $ 4.4 million (nearly 100 billion) per year, the highest of which is Clayton Kershaw (US) with the amount of 33.3 million dollars (more than 756 billion).

1. Basketball

The NBA, the most famous basketball tournament in the world today, is also the highest-paid sports player in the world with the number of 6.2 million dollars each year. In which LeBron James (USA) is the highest income basketball player in the world, and the second-highest income sports athlete in the world, with the figure of $86.2 million.

Looking at the chart above, we can see that the annual income of an athlete is not related to the average income of the sport that the competitor is competing. Salaries, bonuses, reputation, and advertising contracts are the factors that play a role.

Besides, nowadays, E-sport is a successful sports industry that worths up to tens of millions of dollars. According to Forbes, some organizations are now valued at more than $200 million. They receive huge investments from the outside, which are expected to make larger amounts in the future.