Surprisingly, football with the participation of Ronaldo and Messi only ranked 5th.

Nowadays, sport is not just about exercise or competition, but also a career, that helps athletes earn a lot of money, including salaries and advertising contracts.

10. Bicycle racing

This is one of the most arduous sports in the world when athletes have to play under extreme conditions. The average professional driver receives about 33,000 (nearly 750 million) per year. The highest salary paid in the world today is Alejandro Valverde (Spain), last year received $381,000.

9. Tennis

This noble sport attracts a huge audience all over the world, and the average income of professional athletes is also very large, in the range of  $50,000 each year. If it is a famous athlete, in addition to salary, their income comes from bonuses and advertising contracts, depending on the attraction of each athlete. Currently, Roger Federer (Switzerland) is the highest income player in the world with the amount of $64 million.

8. Boxing

For this dangerous sport, the amount of bonuses the boxers receive is calculated according to each round. As for the average salary, they can get about $75,000 each year. Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) is currently the world’s most valuable boxer with $28.5 million.

7. Golf

The average amount that golfers receive each year is about $ 700,000. In it, Rory McIlroy (England) is the world’s most expensive golfer with $50 million.

6. Motor racing

This speed sport never ceases to bring extreme excitement to viewers, so the racing athletes also receive a corresponding salary, an average of $1 million each year. Lewis Hamilton (UK) is currently the world’s number one driver of the salary award with a figure of $46 million.

5. Football

The most popular sport on the planet has a huge fluctuation in wages and player transfers in recent years, but on average in the world’s top leagues, one player gets about $2 million per year. For stars, that number could increase dozens of times, plus advertising contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) is currently the highest income player and athlete in the world with a huge salary last year of $93 million.