Some stadiums in Brazil are also built in remote areas, such as Manaus near the Amazon rainforest. After the World Cup ended, it was rarely used.

Brazil’s economy has been volatile since the past, due to rising private debt and rising inflation. In 2014, they fell into recession. The World Cup could not save Brazil, but perhaps helped push them deep into crisis.

Chicago has withdrawn from competing to host the 2026 World Cup because FIFA has asked to build a dome around the city’s Soldier Field. “FIFA’s rigidity and unwillingness to negotiate clearly indicate that Chicago will not be of any benefit if pursuing this,” said Chicago mayor spokesman Rahm Emanuel.

However, Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez was optimistic. He thinks the World Cup could boost tourism during the low season in Miami. The World Cup is expected to bring about US $ 800 million – US $ 1.6 billion for this city.

However, the net benefits from tourism are also often modest, said Andrew Zimbalist, author of a study book on the economics of host countries in the Olympics and the World Cup. According to him, the “evacuation effect” will offset the revenue from tourists, because people will also leave to avoid disturbance.

Besides, some cities will benefit more than others. For example, New York is a tourist mecca in the summer. But if they were not chosen as the venue, tourists could move to another city. By contrast, if Boston’s Gillette Stadium is chosen, tourism here will flourish. In 1994, the most damaged city in the US was Orlando, because football caused the revenue of simulation parks to plunge.

Meanwhile, increasing the global presence is even more difficult to measure than tourism. Dalas was one of the cities chosen in the 1994 World Cup. Bobby Abtahi – one of the city leaders, said that this helped their reputation to increase. “We have gotten rid of a lot of misunderstandings and really become an international city since then,” he said.

Winter says that success or not is just a matter of awareness. “Stop pretending that this has a different purpose. I thought this was just a huge party. ”