Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal are the best tennis players in the world today. Along with countless titles, the money this trio earns is also the worst form of the tennis village.

Specifically, to date, Roger Federer has earned $ 116,974,906 bonuses since becoming a professional athlete in 1998.

Second place is no other than Novak Djokovic. Specifically, the Serbian tennis player has made a total of 50.6 million USD in the past year. Djokovic makes a lot of money from tournaments. He beat Federer in this amount with $ 20.6 million in prize money.

In contrast, Djokovic is not as good at advertising attraction as his seniors. Wimbledon 2019 champion only pocketed 30 million USD when he attached to brands such as Lacoste, Jacob’s Creek, Seiko, etc.

Nadal is 3rd with 101,328,524 USD in prize money. According to statistics, from June 2017 to June 2018, Nadal pocketed $ 41.6 million and ranked 72nd in the Forbes list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities of the year.

“Gaur” also ranked 20th on the list of athletes with the highest income today.

Just regained his form but Djokovic is still ranked 2nd in terms of bonuses

The world’s fourth-highest earner is the female tennis player who won the most Grand Slam titles in history, Serena Williams, with a total prize money of $ 86,229,519.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and interesting statistics around the top of the ATP rankings

By reaching the final of the Wimbledon 2018, Williams has an additional $ 1.5 million. However, due to a nearly 1-year break, Williams’ income was affected.

Serena is the highest paid female tennis player in history

Another star to mention is Andy Murray, a British tennis player who made $ 60,837,856 in his career.

Murray has not played for 11 months and only returned to Queen 2018 in June.