“How does money flow into the E-sports organization? From the content the organization makes. Let’s take the TSM example to explain this problem. They are one of the rare organizations with annual profits. How do they do that? They own a lot of famous streamer, “Mr. Mylixia said.

“In those celebrity streams, they add advertising, polish the brand that is sponsoring them. That’s how E-sports is making money.”

“Do you know what the truth is? The E-sports organization that makes money is not thanks to E-sports. They make money by the above way. Smart organizations will stick to famous streamers, deal with them so that the couple mutually beneficial. They become a better agency for managing, developing and developing talent for streamers.”

Advertising contract

For Mylixia, “content” is always the most important to success. When doing “content” well, big brands will come to E-sports organizations.

To get good advertising contracts, the E-sports organization needs to create the “content” that viewers want. Most E-sports organizations now choose Twitch, asking their players to stream on the platform. They even have players brought in to stream only for others to watch, not to play.

That’s why Mr. Mylixia calls the current E-sports organizations a distribution agency, managing talented streamers.

How E-sports organizes polishing images for players, attracting big brands is the key. Looking at TSM, the image of their League of Legends players is now tied to Dr. Pepper, the famous beverage brand in the US. Even many of their fans now name the team Team SodaMid.

The ability to create “content” or help TSM fly like a kite in the wind when Fortnite ascended the throne. They are one of the organizations that know how to take advantage of the fever created by Epic Games products worldwide. According to statistics, 5 streamers of TSM organization are currently in the top 22 most viewed channels in recent months. Names like Dakotaz, Myth, Daequan, HighDistortion and Hamlinz have all become teen idols.