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Swimming equipment you should prepare (Part 3)

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports of all the ages. Whether you are female or male, you are a kid or mature, you will like swimming, especially in the summer.

The fact, swimming is encouraged to play at some developed countries because they understand roles and benefits of swimming to human’s health. So, the government invest good infrastructure to build up swimming pool with high quality.

No need to spend time on going to the beach, you still enjoy available space in your city to enjoy swimming comfortably.

If you prefer to practice swimming as a daily habit or a profession, you need to prepare equipment relating to swimming. In this article, we continue to check list some necessary equipment you should collect. It’s a good way to have a swimming trip.

6, Swim parka

Someone prefers to practice in a long time for swimming, you should purchase a swim parka. It’s useful to keep warm when you finish swimming in the early morning or taking a rest between races.

In the winter, your body should me stay warm as soon as you move from the pool. One swim parka made from a thick fleece interior to be against water-resistant is suitable for you at this time.

7, Nose clip

Someone claims that using nose clip is not professional. However, it brings a lot of benefits for users. For example, you can float while your breakout, or you can keep your breath in longer time.

If you are in trouble to arrange your breath in water, using nose clip is possible to improve your level better.

8, Swim snorkel

Using swim snorkel becomes more and more popular nowadays, from pro swimmer to daily swimmers because it can contribute to balance your stroke or help you to avoid neck and traps.


Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for all ages. At any nation, you can enjoy swimming easily because there are many places to swim such as swimming pools, lakes, rivers, beaches.

To have a safe swimming trip, you should prepare some regulations as well equipment to join it well.

In this article, we will share top swimming equipment. You should follow to maximum healthy benefits as well reduce risks.

3, Swimming suit

This accessory is extremely important to make comfort for swimming process. Further, it increases more fashionable.

Some man use board shorts to replace swim briefs. It’s ridiculous. Maybe you feel a little shied if this is the first time you jump into the swimming pool. But it’s really uncomfortable when you are under water. Tons of waters can immerse inside board shorts then prevent your movement.

It’s better to use proper swimming suit for male and female. You look more confident when you comply with the rules in swimming pool.

4, Ear plugs

For some new swimmers, it’s better to use ear plugs to avoid water in the ear canals. This is the main reason why leading to infection or earaches. It seems not good for your health.

You should choose type with silicone pillow soft. It makes comfortable and safe for your health.

5, Swim fins

This equipment is necessary when you swim in the river or particularly the sea. It looks a protection wing to support your movement easily.

Someone thinks that swim fins only are used for new beginners who has not much experience. However, it is completely opposing. This part helps you to move faster and longer under the water. Therefore, professional swimmers usually use swim fins to support them in swimming process.

It should be invested if you tend to swim in a long time at big locations like rivers, beaches.

Swimming equipment you should prepare

Swimming is regarded as one of the most favorite sports for anyone and any age, even you can play it at any weather in many places with water like swimming pool, lake, river or sea.

However, this sport still exits some dangers such as drowning if you can’t save yourself underwater or your equipment is not enough good to protect you.

So, you should be careful when jumping into water and swimming.

In this article, we instruct some necessary equipment you should prepare well before swimming.

1/ Swimming goggles

You should use swimming goggles during your process because of major two reasons followings:

Firstly, it helps you to have a good field of vison. It means you can see everything around you, even it is on the water. 

As normal, our eyes can’t see well and clearly in the water, therefore a pair of swimming goggles is necessary to discover everything in water.

The second, swimming goggles can protect your eyes without getting red or irritated when your eyes are interacting directly with water.

Although you feel the water at swimming pool or lake is clean and clear, actually it contains so much chloramines from human waste and chorine. So, this environment is not good for your eyes.

2/ Swimming cap

Swim cap is necessary for swimmer, especially the women.

Firstly, it keeps your hair dry. Besides it, it also protects your hair from the chemicals like clo, other human waste in the water which impact badly to your hair. Even, you use shampoo but it becomes rough.These reasons to choose a proper swimming cap when swimming. It can make your style fashionable and modern