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How did the Rio 2016 Olympics earns “money” from sports advertising?

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games benefited greatly from two new sources of money in the sports advertising sponsorship market.

According to estimates of French L’Expansion Economic Magazine, the Olympic Games will break the record of revenue. It was estimated that the money this Olympics earned from television rights is 4.1 billion euros, almost double that of the previous Olympics in London. Video images were generating a lot of money, because the Internet infrastructure is now strong enough for Facebook and YouTube to start competing directly with broadcasters.

Facebook has been pouring money into sports tournaments since offering live television services. The Facebook logo has appeared on the athlete’s shirt in many sport tournaments including the Rio 2016 Olympics.

“Traditional television pays money to transmit a whole game or transmit a competition, and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter websites focus on buying outstanding excerpts from that ball or contest.”

The second largest source of money comes from countries that are in need of improving their position and image in the world, namely “China, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, etc. Since recent years, these countries have poured money to advertise and sponsor, making sports revenues and the Olympic Games skyrocketing, but the amount of sponsorship and advertising from Western countries has increased but not mutated. Countries from Asia are also seeking to build “soft power”, by “hosting sporting events, increasing sponsorship, acquiring European clubs and increasing investment in top-notch sports in water”.

Daily Mail said that the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Organizing Committee is lucky, benefiting from these two new sources of money. Adding money from websites and from emerging countries, while traditional revenues from television and developed countries remain unabated, the proceeds are hopefully enough to cover the cost of more than 12 billion USD spent on this Olympics.

How do premier League clubs make money? (Part 1)

English football is poor, clubs are getting richer because the fans for them are not diminishing. Why is that?

Motorbikes with the logo of a football club from England Manchester United crept in the streets of Bangkok. Fans in Okene, Nigeria, wore a red and white shirt to dance on Arsenal Day. The Premier League buys broadcast rights and live television in more than 180 countries, with clubs fans all over the world. 25 years since its inception, the Premier League has become the most profitable product in the “king” sport. According to data from Deloitte, the Premier League clubs earned £ 4.6 billion ($ 5.8 billion) in the 2015-16 season, nearly double the number of other football leagues.

This is even more impressive when Britain is not the best soccer ball in the world. ClubElo.com, the site that scores teams according to data on the opponents they beat, calculates that no club from England is in the top 5. Eight years ago, England contributed up to 4 names. The last time an English football club reached the final of the European Cup, the most prestigious tournament in Europe, has been since 2012. And the last time a Premier League star reached the top 5 in the Golden Ball. Europe is also from 2011. Spain, Germany, Italy, and France are now dominating this list.

In 1989, Britain shook with the Hillsborough disaster when part of the stadium’s stadium collapsed and killed 96 Liverpool fans. The event caused all stadiums in the UK to unload the stand and new safety standards. Over the next decade, clubs spent a total of £ 500 million to renovate the stadium, accompanied by higher ticket prices and wealthier fans. At the same time, money poured into the English Premier League thanks to a deal with satellite TV BskyB. The deal also raises the price of the previous fee that ITV has to pay.

Top 10 sports that bring the highest income (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list!

4. American football

The typical American sport today has become popular all over the world with the average salary for players of $2.1 million per year. The highest-paid player is Andrew Luck (USA) with the amount of $50 million.  

3. Ice hockey

$2.9 million is the average amount that sports stars are cold and this speed is received every year. The current highest-paid hockey player is Jonathan Toews (Canada) with a total income of $16 million (over VND 363 billion) in the 2016-2017 season.

2. Baseball

Maybe we find baseball quite boring and confusing but this is one of the very popular sports in the United States, the attraction and the money it brings is also very large. The salary that athletes receive is about $ 4.4 million (nearly 100 billion) per year, the highest of which is Clayton Kershaw (US) with the amount of 33.3 million dollars (more than 756 billion).

1. Basketball

The NBA, the most famous basketball tournament in the world today, is also the highest-paid sports player in the world with the number of 6.2 million dollars each year. In which LeBron James (USA) is the highest income basketball player in the world, and the second-highest income sports athlete in the world, with the figure of $86.2 million.

Looking at the chart above, we can see that the annual income of an athlete is not related to the average income of the sport that the competitor is competing. Salaries, bonuses, reputation, and advertising contracts are the factors that play a role.

Besides, nowadays, E-sport is a successful sports industry that worths up to tens of millions of dollars. According to Forbes, some organizations are now valued at more than $200 million. They receive huge investments from the outside, which are expected to make larger amounts in the future.

Neymar – the king of making money from sports advertising

Although he hasn’t moved to Europe yet, the reputation of Santos’s prodigy striker Neymar is as high as alcohol. And according to France Football magazine, not Messi or Cris Ronaldo, but Pele is the most earning players in the world from advertising contracts.

In Brazil, the name Neymar appears everywhere, from personal items such as phones, pants, shirts, etc. It is not uncommon, because Santos’ “jewel” is considered the brightest among the young talents of Brazilian football.

The Brazilian prodigy will surpass Messi in the future on the pitch as stated by “King Pele”. Only knowing that, Neymar is pocketing approximately 14 million euros per year from advertising contracts. It is a huge income for a player who just turned 19 like Neymar and has never played in Europe.

But according to Fabio Pinto Ferreira, a member of the board of directors of the consulting and market research company Pluri, Neymar is a phenomenon that is likely after a few years, the striker will become become the most famous figure in the number of men’s boxers in Brazil, just like “King of Football” Pele.

The money Ronaldo earns from sports ads

The amount Cristiano Ronaldo earns from closing the ad makes everyone stunned. According to the disclosure, the Portuguese superstar pocketed up to 1.1 million euros after only 15 seconds of advertising.

https://www.newsnow.co.uk › Sport › Football › International Stars

earns from closing the ad makes everyone stunned. According to the disclosure, the Portuguese superstar pocketed up to 1.1 million euros after only 15 seconds of advertising.

Specifically, Portugal’s Football Leaks page recently said that in 2018, Ronaldo had earned up to 1.1 million euros in just 15 seconds of advertising for Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications group named Mobily. Besides the 31-year-old Real midfielder also communicates with the NHM, signing autographs and taking photos with 5 people so the money makes many people fall back on Ronaldo’s profitability.

Recently, Copa90, YouTube’s sports channel also said that CR7 is one of the riches players in the world with more than 70 million euros thanks to the income from salaries, bonuses and advertising contracts, etc.

Less than 8 million euros, Messi is second with an income of 62 million euros. Although Barca won the treble last season and himself won the FIFA gold ball but M10 still could not overcome the seniors in terms of income.