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Technology always play an important role in the human life. It contributes to develop our lives better and better. All fields need to be improved by technology in advance.

In this article, we continue to share one aspect of achievement from technology. It’s contribution in sport. In first thought, someone think that sports don’t need any improvement because the rule is fixed, athletes only follow and practice it to reach good result.

The fact that, technology is necessary to support athletes in practices as well competitions. Following this article, let you know top six greatest technologies in sports.

5/ Prosthetic devices for the disabled

Though the disabled, they have the right to play all sports as normal people. So, prosthetic devices are useful to support them in playing sport.

Once someone lost limbs or limit about brain, they should have a chance to live and play sport. Therefore, prosthetic technology is extremely necessary to make their lives better.

One of famous prosthetic device is prosthetic design of Dr. Rory A. Cooper. He has created a fake prosthetic to move with body and embedded body suits which bases on motion sensors.

6/ Ingestible thermometer pills

For any athlete in any sport, following health status such as temperature, heart rate or visceral organs is necessary and updated day by day before and after practice. However, it wastes many time if using it manually. Therefore, people have invented indigestible pills.

When you drink one thermometer pill, it moves to the gastrointestinal tract, then it transfers the whole information to medical worker. So if any problem, it looks like as a reminder to give solutions in advance before happening any accidents.

All players should use pills to protect their health and body. It’s useful and saving time in sports practice.

Juventus made a lot of money after buying Ronaldo

Many of Juventus’ trade indicators increased sharply within a year after recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the financial report published in Gazzetta, in the 2018-2019 season, Juventus increased sales by about $ 64 million compared to the same period last year. This is the highest rise of the Serie A champion in decades.

The presence of Ronaldo also helps Juventus increase the number of fans on social networks. In total, the number of global fans increased to about 40 million.

Thanks to the strong growth, according to the Daily Mail, Juventus is closing the revenue gap compared to Barca, Real Madrid and Man Utd.

The impact of growth is most evident in contract extension negotiations with major sponsors, such as shirt sponsors. The company agreed to a deal that would allow Juventus to earn three times more, as the team’s shirt became attractive to fans.

What is happening shows that buying famous stars at high prices does not push the team into financial problems. On the contrary, as many experts have said, the star has “just paid for himself, just helped the team to earn more money”.

Meanwhile, due to selling Ronaldo, Real no longer has the commercial appeal as before. They also had to spend nearly $ 400 million to strengthen the squad over the past year.

Mendes: ‘The best part of Ronaldo is still ahead’

Representative Jorge Mendes praised Cristiano Ronaldo after the client hit 700 goals.

“Ronaldo is the best player ever. For him the best part has not yet come and it will take place in the Juventus shirt,” Mendes commented in Tuttosport.

Ronaldo celebrated the 700th goal, in a match between Portugal and Ukraine. Photo: Reuters.

Ronaldo scored the 700th goal in his career, when Portugal lost to Ukraine 1-2 in the Euro 2022 qualifier on October 14. This is his 95th table for the team, besides 605 at club level. Apart from Ronaldo, only five other players have scored from 700 goals, including Josef Bican, Romario, Pele, Gerd Muller and Ferenc Puskas.

The United States is confident of its profits from the 2026 World Cup (Part 2)

Some stadiums in Brazil are also built in remote areas, such as Manaus near the Amazon rainforest. After the World Cup ended, it was rarely used.

Brazil’s economy has been volatile since the past, due to rising private debt and rising inflation. In 2014, they fell into recession. The World Cup could not save Brazil, but perhaps helped push them deep into crisis.

Chicago has withdrawn from competing to host the 2026 World Cup because FIFA has asked to build a dome around the city’s Soldier Field. “FIFA’s rigidity and unwillingness to negotiate clearly indicate that Chicago will not be of any benefit if pursuing this,” said Chicago mayor spokesman Rahm Emanuel.

However, Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez was optimistic. He thinks the World Cup could boost tourism during the low season in Miami. The World Cup is expected to bring about US $ 800 million – US $ 1.6 billion for this city.

However, the net benefits from tourism are also often modest, said Andrew Zimbalist, author of a study book on the economics of host countries in the Olympics and the World Cup. According to him, the “evacuation effect” will offset the revenue from tourists, because people will also leave to avoid disturbance.

Besides, some cities will benefit more than others. For example, New York is a tourist mecca in the summer. But if they were not chosen as the venue, tourists could move to another city. By contrast, if Boston’s Gillette Stadium is chosen, tourism here will flourish. In 1994, the most damaged city in the US was Orlando, because football caused the revenue of simulation parks to plunge.

Meanwhile, increasing the global presence is even more difficult to measure than tourism. Dalas was one of the cities chosen in the 1994 World Cup. Bobby Abtahi – one of the city leaders, said that this helped their reputation to increase. “We have gotten rid of a lot of misunderstandings and really become an international city since then,” he said.

Winter says that success or not is just a matter of awareness. “Stop pretending that this has a different purpose. I thought this was just a huge party. ”

How do Premier League clubs make money? (Part 3)

In 2016, while Germany, France, and Italy had the fourth consecutive season without changing the champion, Leicester formed an earthquake when suddenly winning the cup even if it was a “poor child” team.

While European teams pour money to develop young players, English clubs show off older stars whose popularity is not the peak. The Manchester United deal spent a record 59.7 million on Ángel Di María and eventually the brightest star had to leave after just one season because it was not an example. Besides, the coaches are hired with the price in the sky but then fired in the blink of an eye, forming dramatic events.

The success story of English football can continue to maintain after the Brexit event? The strong depreciation of the pound made the cost of hiring foreign players high. But because many clubs’ revenue sources are also foreign currencies, negative impacts from the pound are still under control. Instead, the greater concern lies in immigration policy.

After Brexit, European players may be more tightly controlled. N’Golo Kanté, a young French player who made a great contribution to Leicester’s championship last year may have difficulty in licensing.

In addition, although football clubs have money to buy foreign players, they still cannot win big titles. Stars like Robert Lewandowski know that there is a good chance that they will be honored if they sign a contract with Bayern Munich, while Manchester’s chances are not so much. This makes the Premier League lose some of the best players like Luis Suárez and Gareth Bale.

At the present time, smart marketing strategy and an attractive tournament with lots of drama are enough to keep the world tied to English football. However, in the long run, the tournament will lose its attractiveness if it cannot attract big stars. Football clubs You need to play soccer better.

The United States is confident of its profits from the 2026 World Cup (Part 1)

The 2026 World Cup will be held in 23 American cities, Canada and Mexico. These cities are optimistic that tourism and increasing international presence will help boost the local economy.

Restricting infrastructure costs is key to economic success for any country that wants to host sporting events, said Victor Matheson, an economics professor at College of the Holy Cross. The 1994 World Cup in the United States was more economically successful than the last 5 World Cups. They only spent $5 million on stadiums, compared to $ 3.6 billion in Brazil in 2014.

So the 2026 World Cup is also expected to follow this pattern. 15 of the 17 stadiums proposed by the United States are home to American football teams in the national championship (NFL). To host the World Cup, they may need to be renovated. However, Matheson said the new stadiums are specifically designed to still be able to make a normal soccer field.

“The cost of public will not be large,” documents US officials submitted to FIFA said. The US estimates this event will generate the additional $ 5 billion in short-term economic activity.

However, many people still warn of the previous World Cup shows more harm than good. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil cost $15 billion. “This is a wasteful, costly job,” said Brian Winter, vice president of policy at the American Business Council. “All the promises are in vain.”

Plans to invest in high-speed trains or new airplanes have been lengthened, as the country has poured money into building giant stadiums, hoping to create more economic opportunities. However, Ludovic Subran – chief economist at Euler Hermes – said that these were only false hopes. “It is like building a stadium in Rust Belt (an area of ​​the US) and saying that it will stimulate the economy of the country. I do have it”.

How do Premier League clubs make money? (Part 2)

In the formula for the success of English football, there are both elements of luck and tactics. English is not a guarantee of success, but nonetheless, the official language of the country of fog helps to create more advantages than Germany or Italy. Besides, Europe’s time zone allows early risers in the Americas and “night owls” in Asia to conveniently watch matches.

However, the biggest change lies in the opening of the English Premier League to players, managers, and foreign owners. When Arsène Wenger became Arsenal’s manager in 1996, he was the fourth non-Englishman and Ireland to become an English club leader in the history of football. Today the number has increased to 13. And since the first match was held in 1992, the number of foreign players has increased from 13 to 69%.

The convergence of international soccer stars here further enhances the appeal of the tournament. Koreans turned on the television to watch Tottenham Hotspur’s Heung-Min Son play, while Senegal people watched Liverpool’s Sadio Mané. After the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003, the Premier League became a playground for foreign billionaires. In total, they hold a stake in 12 clubs, including small teams like West Bromwich Albion and Swansea City.

English football clubs are also faster than others in promoting foreign images. Manchester United have been starting tours in Asia since 1995, while in 2003 the Spanish royal team Real Madrid did so. Last summer, English teams became the focus of attention in many cities around the world from Houston to Hong Kong. They also expand operations everywhere. Manchester City owns several clubs in New York, Melbourne, Yokohama, and Montevideo.

The Premier League has a few characteristics that have lowered the standard but made fans feel more excited when watching the ball. The teams together agreed on advertising and the tournament was more dramatic than the other tournaments, unlike Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich overwhelming and took up most of the profits in Spain.

Leaving the training chair, Sir Alex still earns money from Man United

£ 2 million is Sir Alex Ferguson‘s income from United in 2014, though he said goodbye to the team after 26 years of coaching.

After retiring from the army, coach Sir Alex Ferguson was appointed by Man United to be the club’s global ambassador. In this capacity, the Scottish veteran is tasked with expanding the influence of the “Red Devils” around the world and in all fields.

Last time, Sir Alex has many trips around the world to develop the brand of the team. Last October, he also nominated former “Red Devils” Park Ji Sung to become Man United Ambassador to promote Man United’s image more widely in Asia.

Sir Alex is Man United’s global ambassador.

United’s remuneration is for the very old ex-coach. According to Man United’s latest spending table, they spent £ 2,165 million in the 2013-2014 fiscal year to pay Sir Alex. In fact, the money that United paid Sir Alex was nearly half of the amount they had to pay to liquidate the deal with manager David Moyes and his colleagues (£ 4.8 million).

In the past, the Red Devils of Manchester also had the same remuneration for a global ambassador, Sir Bobby Charlton in the 2013-14 season.

The report also said Ed Woodward was the highest-paid official at Man United. As CEO of David Gill since July 2013, Ed Woodward received a salary of £ 2,521 million a year. According to Sport Mail, this is Ed Woodward’s rewarding merit for Man United in the club’s difficult period. With this salary, Ed Woodward also became the highest-paid official in English football history. At Arsenal, the highest compensation for CEO Ivan Gazidis was £ 2.19 million. In Man City, £ 2 million is the annual salary received by CEO Ferran Soriano.

Neymar – the king of making money from sports advertising

Although he hasn’t moved to Europe yet, the reputation of Santos’s prodigy striker Neymar is as high as alcohol. And according to France Football magazine, not Messi or Cris Ronaldo, but Pele is the most earning players in the world from advertising contracts.

In Brazil, the name Neymar appears everywhere, from personal items such as phones, pants, shirts, etc. It is not uncommon, because Santos’ “jewel” is considered the brightest among the young talents of Brazilian football.

The Brazilian prodigy will surpass Messi in the future on the pitch as stated by “King Pele”. Only knowing that, Neymar is pocketing approximately 14 million euros per year from advertising contracts. It is a huge income for a player who just turned 19 like Neymar and has never played in Europe.

But according to Fabio Pinto Ferreira, a member of the board of directors of the consulting and market research company Pluri, Neymar is a phenomenon that is likely after a few years, the striker will become become the most famous figure in the number of men’s boxers in Brazil, just like “King of Football” Pele.

The money Ronaldo earns from sports ads

The amount Cristiano Ronaldo earns from closing the ad makes everyone stunned. According to the disclosure, the Portuguese superstar pocketed up to 1.1 million euros after only 15 seconds of advertising.

https://www.newsnow.co.uk › Sport › Football › International Stars

earns from closing the ad makes everyone stunned. According to the disclosure, the Portuguese superstar pocketed up to 1.1 million euros after only 15 seconds of advertising.

Specifically, Portugal’s Football Leaks page recently said that in 2018, Ronaldo had earned up to 1.1 million euros in just 15 seconds of advertising for Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications group named Mobily. Besides the 31-year-old Real midfielder also communicates with the NHM, signing autographs and taking photos with 5 people so the money makes many people fall back on Ronaldo’s profitability.

Recently, Copa90, YouTube’s sports channel also said that CR7 is one of the riches players in the world with more than 70 million euros thanks to the income from salaries, bonuses and advertising contracts, etc.

Less than 8 million euros, Messi is second with an income of 62 million euros. Although Barca won the treble last season and himself won the FIFA gold ball but M10 still could not overcome the seniors in terms of income.