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Top 10 sports that bring the highest income (Part 1)

Surprisingly, football with the participation of Ronaldo and Messi only ranked 5th.

Nowadays, sport is not just about exercise or competition, but also a career, that helps athletes earn a lot of money, including salaries and advertising contracts.

10. Bicycle racing

This is one of the most arduous sports in the world when athletes have to play under extreme conditions. The average professional driver receives about 33,000 (nearly 750 million) per year. The highest salary paid in the world today is Alejandro Valverde (Spain), last year received $381,000.

9. Tennis

This noble sport attracts a huge audience all over the world, and the average income of professional athletes is also very large, in the range of  $50,000 each year. If it is a famous athlete, in addition to salary, their income comes from bonuses and advertising contracts, depending on the attraction of each athlete. Currently, Roger Federer (Switzerland) is the highest income player in the world with the amount of $64 million.

8. Boxing

For this dangerous sport, the amount of bonuses the boxers receive is calculated according to each round. As for the average salary, they can get about $75,000 each year. Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) is currently the world’s most valuable boxer with $28.5 million.

7. Golf

The average amount that golfers receive each year is about $ 700,000. In it, Rory McIlroy (England) is the world’s most expensive golfer with $50 million.

6. Motor racing

This speed sport never ceases to bring extreme excitement to viewers, so the racing athletes also receive a corresponding salary, an average of $1 million each year. Lewis Hamilton (UK) is currently the world’s number one driver of the salary award with a figure of $46 million.

5. Football

The most popular sport on the planet has a huge fluctuation in wages and player transfers in recent years, but on average in the world’s top leagues, one player gets about $2 million per year. For stars, that number could increase dozens of times, plus advertising contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) is currently the highest income player and athlete in the world with a huge salary last year of $93 million.

How the richest sports stars in the world make money? (part 2)

Michael Schumacher

In the F1 race, Schumacher was a legend with seven championship victories during his 11-year stint with Ferrari. This driver owns a salary of more than USD 30 million per year from Ferrari. Besides, Schumacher also earned a significant amount of money from advertising contracts.

Typically, Deutsche Vermogensberatung paid him $ 8 million in three years since 1999 to bring a 10 x 8-centimeter ad on a cap after the race. These huge income sources helped the total assets of this legendary racer estimated to be about 870 million USD and he was also the first sports billionaire in history.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, has a huge fortune of over $ 1 billion, but what is more surprising is the amount of money he earns from the sports industry during his lifetime. He is only $ 93 million, which is one-tenth of the number of assets he owns. So where does the remaining money come from?

The answer is these athletes’ advertising contracts and super-profitable business deals. Jordan’s revenues can be mentioned as follows. Every year, Jordan earns about $ 100 million from a contract with Nike. On the business side, Jordan bought the Charlotte Hornets club for $ 275 million in 2010. Its value has now increased to $ 750 million. Also, Jordan also earned a significant amount of brand guarantee contracts with Hanes, 2KSports, etc.

Tiger Woods

Keeping the title of the richest athlete in the world is legendary golfer Tiger Woods with total assets to date of more than $ 1.3 billion. During his 17-year career as a professional golfer, he earned $ 109 million in prize money in tournaments. The remaining big income comes from advertising contracts for goods such as Nike, EA Sports, Rolex, and many other small companies. Besides, Tiger Woods’ “appearance fee” is also “crazy”. Typically, Tiger Woods received $ 3 million to join the tournament in Turkey and had a cross-shot from Europe to Asia.

How the richest sports stars in the world make money? (part 1)


With outstanding talent, these sports athletes are not only the conquerors of many individual and collective titles but also respectable “money machines.” When the total assets they own are up to billions of dollars.

Let’s see who are the 10 richest faces in the sports world! And how did they get that fortune!

Floyd Mayweather

The name Mayweather was too famous for world sports fans, when the terrible numbers of the money this puncher received after every radio was revealed, along with a series of show-offs made everyone must be jealous. Specifically, after only one match won by boxer Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather pocketed £ 116.5 million. This amount is enough to hire Cristiano Ronaldo to play 49,262 games.

Unlike other rich sports athletes, often make money with advertising contracts. Mayweather’s property comes mainly from the times of the fortress. According to Forbes’ statistics, after the end of this career, the fist earned more than 700 million USD from the profession. This is the record for the career income of a boxer.

David Beckham

It seems that the wealth and popularity of the player in this country has no hidden signs of decline, even when he retired from his sports career for a long time. By his talent and popularity, the Becks have created an empire of their own and become the richest and most powerful couple in English entertainment. With an income of over 40 million pounds per year. Estimates of the total assets of the Beckham family currently fall to about 470 million pounds, nearly half the British Queen Elizabeth II, who owns a fortune of 340 million pounds.

It can be said that Beck House is a business family when all members are capable of making great money. While David Beckham owns a huge income from football career, advertising contracts, Victoria’s multi-talented wife also did not suffer from the edge.

At prestigious fashion shows like London, Paris or New York, Vic’s collection is always ranked among the most sought after collections. Not only the Beckhams and their two big sons, Romeo and Brooklyn, also make good money. Brooklyn earned a fair amount of money as a model for celebrity fashion magazines and brands. Meanwhile, the advertising contract for Burberry earned Romeo about £45,000.

Professional gamers earn billions from E-sports

This article will detail the earnings of gamers from the prize money of tournaments in League of Legends and Dota 2.

With the rapid growth of e-sports around the world, the amount of bonuses has gradually increased with dizzying speed and has since produced many young players but already millionaires. Let’s take a look at the total amount of money earned by gamers only from tournament prize money so far through statistics from League of Legends, and Dota 2.

Of the three disciplines, of course, Dota 2 is the game with the biggest prize money, with a total amount of up to $ 96 million in 701 tournaments. Next is the League of Legends with about $ 38 million from 1,837 tournaments.

More specifically, Dota 2’s top 100 top players make up 85% of the total prize money from tournaments. Among them, 41.7% of the prize money went to players with Chinese nationality and then to the US accounted for 10.6%.

Although only 5% of the top 100 players make the most money from Dota 2, the 3 players from the US stand at the top of the rankings to earn the most money. These are Universe, ppd and Fear, each pocketing more than $2 million USD thanks to the resounding success of Evil Geniuses in the last two seasons of International (first in TI5 and 3rd in TI6). With the Evil Genious success, the only Pakistani player in the top 100 is Sumail, who finished third in the rankings with a total of $2.5 million in just 2 years of competition.

As for the League of Legends, the top 100 players making the most money account for only about 45% of the prize value from all tournaments. But unlike Dota 2, Korea is the country that dominates this tournament when it accounts for about 39% of the total prize value. China followed with 20%, the US 10%, and Taiwan 9% respectively. And when comparing the amount of money that each individual earns the most money between the US, China, and Korea, Faker is at the top with about $900 thousand USD, then ClearLove is nearly $350 thousand and finally Dyrus with about $150 thousand.