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British giants ‘make money’: M.U unmatched from sponsors

The fact that Manchester United does not meet their expectations on the pitch nor deny the fact that they have the ability to make endless money from sponsors.

It is no coincidence that Manchester United is considered the club with the scale, brand and attraction in the world. According to recent statistics from the financial agency Dellote, Manchester United has the ability to make money from sponsors far beyond the remaining Premier League clubs.

Recently, Arsenal has officially announced the signing of a sponsorship contract for the main name on the shirt with the Emirates sponsor for another 5 years. “Gunners” will collect huge amounts of money up to 200 million pounds.

However, this level is nothing compared to the level of Manchester United, with 47 million pounds. English club together with car corporation Chervolet. After that, M.U together with AON Cop, a major service provider in the world in the field of risk management and insurance, signed a contract to sell the club’s training ground name.

The fact that Manchester United does not meet their expectations on the pitch nor deny the fact that they have the ability to make endless money from sponsors.

Notably, this is different from the Emirates, when the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires Arsenal not to sell other training shirts to other partners (similar to the Emirates Stadium), MU can still make huge money from sponsorships for the jerseys, training ground and training shirts, other sponsorship contracts related to the use of images, logos, brands, players and coaches of the club.

This figure increased to 275.5 million compared to last year, an increase of 2.7% in the club’s financial statements in the 2016/2017 season.

Adidas and sportswear maker Chervolet also helped M.U to make a lot of money, and outstripped other UK clubs in this amount (look at the chart). Note that these are only 3 main brands, compared to other brands that Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man CIty, etc. are collaborating with.

Facebook spends money on buying global sports licenses (Part 2)

Failure before Star India certainly does not detract from this ambition of Facebook as it continues to spend money to buy copyright of other sports tournaments in the world.

With a cash pile of about US $6 billion, Facebook certainly has more resources than traditional television stations alone and this is no small advantage whenever it wants to compete for copyright in a certain market to entice. viewers, expand your inherently powerful social network empire.

Not only the Premier League, many of the world’s major sports leagues are part of Facebook’s expansion plan.

Facebook started streaming live sports events about the past two years, starting from a charity match between Manchester United and Everton in early August 2016. Since that time, the company has poured money to buy copyrighted tournaments from football to basketball, baseball and other sports.

In 2017, Facebook successfully acquired the rights to 20 matches in the framework of the leading American baseball league Major League Baseball (MLB). Matches are free to all Facebook users within the United States. The value of the deal was not disclosed by the two sides.

By 2018, Facebook continues to have exclusive rights to 25 games of MLB 2018 at a price estimated by experts at $ 30-35 million.

Commenting on the deal, Lee Berke, a media expert in the US, said that “similarly when sports content on traditional television is shifting to cable television, we are seeing a similar trend. .. This is the next big leap.”

Facebook has also cooperated with Fox to get the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champion League (C1 Cup) in the United States. The carrier also negotiated itself with UEFA to have the rights to broadcast 32 matches of this tournament in Latin American countries for 3 consecutive seasons from 2018 to 2021.

The social networking giant also participated in a 10-match copyright auction of the 2017 American National Football League, but it lost to Amazon when the online retail giant launched it. $ 10 million, five times the price that Twitter, another major social network, bought in 2016.

Obviously, £200 million for the Premier League copyright in 3 years is just a move in the game Facebook’s desire.

Facebook spends money on buying global sports licenses (Part 1)

Willing to spend billions of dollars to buy the rights to broadcast live sports tournaments on its platform, Facebook may be looking to encroach on the television.

The Facebook deal costs £ 200 million, or about $ 264 million, to acquire the broadcast rights for the Premier League for three consecutive seasons from 2019-2020 in four Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. made the regional television industry feel the heat of competition from the social networking giant.

This is a new story in the region, but it is not the first time Facebook has paid heavily to buy the rights to broadcast live sports tournaments, competing directly with traditional broadcasters.

Willing to spend 600 million USD for Indian cricket

Unlike the rest of the world, in India, cricket is the king’s sport and of course the Indian cricket Premier League (IPL) is the most expensive sport in this market.

IPL was born in 2008 and currently has more than 1 billion global spectators, most of whom are from India, the country where cricket is the most popular sport. The tournament has the financial presence of the richest people in India as well as many of the country’s movie stars.’

With a hotly developed social networking market like India, Facebook needs more “weapons” to compete as well as more quality content to generate revenue, and copyright of tournaments like IPL is what Facebook needs.

The proof is that the company is willing to spend $600 million to participate in auction auctions of broadcast rights for 5 consecutive years from 2018 of this attractive tournament.

IPL will help Facebook attract more users in India, help it increase users’ Facebook usage in this market and boost Facebook Watch, the video streaming segment that Facebook aspires to compete with YouTube.

The revenue that Facebook targets is the revenue that attracts advertisers from traditional television platforms if it successfully acquires IPL’s copyright.

However, Facebook’s intentions went bankrupt when Twenty-First Century Fox’s Star India channel won the copyright for a record price of $2.55 billion for both traditional and live broadcast copyrights.

Man Utd earns the biggest amount of money in the Premier League

Old Trafford Stadium owner earned $ 813.6 million in 2018-2019 season, ranking third in the world, behind only Barca and Real Madrid.

The British team with the closest revenue to Man Utd is Man City, less than 115.4 million USD and ranked sixth in the world. Defending Champions League Liverpool ranked seventh.

Man Utd is the best English team to make money, since the audit firm Deloitte conducted a financial survey in the 1996-1997 season. However, “Reds” revenue is forecast to fall to $ 725 to 750 million in the 2019-2020 season due to loss of Champions League qualification.

“The revenue rankings of English teams can change from 2021, because Liverpool are having a great season. Man Utd is in danger of losing the number one foggy country. Man Utd’s decline could be. It will happen in this season, if Man City or Liverpool go deep in the Champions League. That was unthinkable 10 years ago, “said Dan Jones, a member of the Sports Business Group at Deloitte.

According to Deloitte’s figures, Man Utd’s revenue for the 2008-2009 season was $ 452 million, more than three times that of Man City ($ 141 million), and half as much as Liverpool ($ 289 million).

Among the top 20 best-paid clubs in the world, England has eight representatives, the most in the world, including Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and Everton. Thanks to the Champions League final, “Rooster” became the best-paid London club, at $ 595.8 million and ranked eighth in the world.

The two best earning teams belong to Spain. Barca had a revenue of $ 961.1 million in the 2018-2019 season, while Real reached $ 865.7 million. The gap between the two leading positions reached a record level, because the Catalonia team has strongly developed sales and business activities in the stadium.

The gap between rich and poor European clubs tends to increase. Total revenue of the top 20 teams making the most money increased by 11% compared to the previous season, exceeding the threshold of 10 billion USD.

How do premier League clubs make money? (Part 1)

English football is poor, clubs are getting richer because the fans for them are not diminishing. Why is that?

Motorbikes with the logo of a football club from England Manchester United crept in the streets of Bangkok. Fans in Okene, Nigeria, wore a red and white shirt to dance on Arsenal Day. The Premier League buys broadcast rights and live television in more than 180 countries, with clubs fans all over the world. 25 years since its inception, the Premier League has become the most profitable product in the “king” sport. According to data from Deloitte, the Premier League clubs earned £ 4.6 billion ($ 5.8 billion) in the 2015-16 season, nearly double the number of other football leagues.

This is even more impressive when Britain is not the best soccer ball in the world. ClubElo.com, the site that scores teams according to data on the opponents they beat, calculates that no club from England is in the top 5. Eight years ago, England contributed up to 4 names. The last time an English football club reached the final of the European Cup, the most prestigious tournament in Europe, has been since 2012. And the last time a Premier League star reached the top 5 in the Golden Ball. Europe is also from 2011. Spain, Germany, Italy, and France are now dominating this list.

In 1989, Britain shook with the Hillsborough disaster when part of the stadium’s stadium collapsed and killed 96 Liverpool fans. The event caused all stadiums in the UK to unload the stand and new safety standards. Over the next decade, clubs spent a total of £ 500 million to renovate the stadium, accompanied by higher ticket prices and wealthier fans. At the same time, money poured into the English Premier League thanks to a deal with satellite TV BskyB. The deal also raises the price of the previous fee that ITV has to pay.