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Here we continue to share necessary equipment you need to prepare if you want to start playing football.

By preparation accessories carefully, you can enjoy this game safely and well.

From the former article, we already discuss some equipment like: helmet, football uniform, high, hip and knee pads. Now, we checklist other types.

4, Mouth guard

This equipment is necessary for footballer in the NFL.

When player hits to the jaw or lips can lead to breaking mouth and teeth. These accidents are terrible which limit your health and energy to continue the game.

So, if you use mouth guard, you can protect you’re a mouth properly.

5, Shoulder pads

In the former article, we refer to knee pads to protect knee carefully.

Besides it, we need a couple of shoulder pads. 

In this game, strong shoulders are important to contribute strength, power for running in a long time as football. So, it’s better to use shoulder pads to keep it safely. It is useful to withstandany pressure or force of tackles in process of game.

Almost players feel better when using shoulder pads. 

Although you are not a professional player, you should use this equipment because accident has no expection for anyone. While running and interacting with other players, you can be easy to be broken with injuries strongly.

6, Gloves

Normally people think that only goftkeeper needs to use gloves to protect his hand before strong touches of ball. However, gloves are necessary for all footballer

Depending on other positions, you should use proper gloves because both receivers and transferrer ball face injuries about hand easily.

So, using gloves help you to limit serious scratching or bruising in throwing or preventing ball. 

The fact, normal player feels uncomfortable when using gloves. But you can be adapted properly when using it usually.

Messi surpasses Ronaldo, occupying the throne ‘king of making money’ in football (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list of the football superstars that make the most money from sports recently!

Gareth Bale – $ 45 million

The Welsh star fell one step behind 2017 but remained in the top five. Bale flanked the 2018 World Cup and was only a double in Real Madrid’s Champions League. The increasingly obscure role on the pitch reflects his true income status.

Alexis Sanchez is the only Premier League player to make the top 10, earning $ 34 million. Hebei Trung Co striker Ezequile Lavezzi is also in the top 10, earning $ 31 million. The top two stars in France are Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba ranked 14th and 19th, with incomes of 28 and 26 million dollars.

Jose Mourinho – $ 34 million

No longer a football coach, but the MC’s work with the generous compensation from Man Utd still helps the “Special One” second in the ability to make money in 2018.

Was fired after a few months working in AS Monaco, but Thierry Henry still earned a bunch of contract compensation fees. He was the third highest-earning coach in the world in 2018, pocketing $ 28 million. Behind former Belgian assistants are Guardiola ($ 27 million) and Ernesto Valverde ($ 25 million).

Ada Hegerberg – $ 450,000.

The female player who made the most money in 2018 was the new owner of the Golden Ball, Heberberg. Even so, the total income of the male player making the most money (Messi) is 325 times that of her.

In general, when you become a football superstar, almost anything on your body can be brought to make money if you want. From driving a custom-designed car or drinking a brand-specific sports water bottle. Most companies believe that the image of the player they choose is influential enough to get their supporters to use their idol-like products.

Juventus made a lot of money after buying Ronaldo

Many of Juventus’ trade indicators increased sharply within a year after recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the financial report published in Gazzetta, in the 2018-2019 season, Juventus increased sales by about $ 64 million compared to the same period last year. This is the highest rise of the Serie A champion in decades.

The presence of Ronaldo also helps Juventus increase the number of fans on social networks. In total, the number of global fans increased to about 40 million.

Thanks to the strong growth, according to the Daily Mail, Juventus is closing the revenue gap compared to Barca, Real Madrid and Man Utd.

The impact of growth is most evident in contract extension negotiations with major sponsors, such as shirt sponsors. The company agreed to a deal that would allow Juventus to earn three times more, as the team’s shirt became attractive to fans.

What is happening shows that buying famous stars at high prices does not push the team into financial problems. On the contrary, as many experts have said, the star has “just paid for himself, just helped the team to earn more money”.

Meanwhile, due to selling Ronaldo, Real no longer has the commercial appeal as before. They also had to spend nearly $ 400 million to strengthen the squad over the past year.

Mendes: ‘The best part of Ronaldo is still ahead’

Representative Jorge Mendes praised Cristiano Ronaldo after the client hit 700 goals.

“Ronaldo is the best player ever. For him the best part has not yet come and it will take place in the Juventus shirt,” Mendes commented in Tuttosport.

Ronaldo celebrated the 700th goal, in a match between Portugal and Ukraine. Photo: Reuters.

Ronaldo scored the 700th goal in his career, when Portugal lost to Ukraine 1-2 in the Euro 2022 qualifier on October 14. This is his 95th table for the team, besides 605 at club level. Apart from Ronaldo, only five other players have scored from 700 goals, including Josef Bican, Romario, Pele, Gerd Muller and Ferenc Puskas.