Media copyright

20% of total E-sports revenue comes from media royalties. This money will go to game developers and tournament organizers.

For E-sports organizations that want to compete in franchised tournaments such as Overwatch League or LCS, the amount of money to “buy tickets” is huge. Not far away, the racial scandal caused Echo Fox President Rick Fox to sell his teeth to attend the LCS.

Just after the announcement, the Kroenke Group, famous for its stinginess when not investing in the Arsenal club, spent more than $ 30 million to “buy tickets” to attend the LCS tournament. Only then can you see how big brands and corporations around the world consider E-sports to be a fertile and fertile land.

Media copyright is second only to sponsorship in statistics generated by E-sports.

SellING ​​products, tickets to the tournament

With an income of about $ 100 million, too small for image rights or sponsorship, trading products and tickets in E-sports is not as successful as other traditional sports.

In E-sports, big stadiums are not an important consideration when organizing a tournament. So the money earned from ticket sales, modest product is obvious.

But the ticketing franchise to see the tournament for E-sports organizations is the reason why the Overwatch League is getting so big. Although the fee to attend this tournament is not small, the estimates of the number of viewers coming to the field to watch live in 2020 are worth investors’ consideration.

In addition to selling tickets, some E-sports organizations are now quite successful in selling the products they create. The best example is 100 Thieves, an organization that the talented League of Legends, Levi, used to work with.

Since being founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, 100 Thieves have earned a large amount of direct investment from outside. One of their biggest shareholders is Drake, a Canadian hip hop superstar.

The main reason Drake is interested in investing in 100 Thieves is that the organization, in addition to E-sports, is gradually becoming a famous fashion brand.

Above are the most popular ways e-sports organizations make money.