Here we continue to share necessary equipment you need to prepare if you want to start playing football.

By preparation accessories carefully, you can enjoy this game safely and well.

From the former article, we already discuss some equipment like: helmet, football uniform, high, hip and knee pads. Now, we checklist other types.

4, Mouth guard

This equipment is necessary for footballer in the NFL.

When player hits to the jaw or lips can lead to breaking mouth and teeth. These accidents are terrible which limit your health and energy to continue the game.

So, if you use mouth guard, you can protect you’re a mouth properly.

5, Shoulder pads

In the former article, we refer to knee pads to protect knee carefully.

Besides it, we need a couple of shoulder pads. 

In this game, strong shoulders are important to contribute strength, power for running in a long time as football. So, it’s better to use shoulder pads to keep it safely. It is useful to withstandany pressure or force of tackles in process of game.

Almost players feel better when using shoulder pads. 

Although you are not a professional player, you should use this equipment because accident has no expection for anyone. While running and interacting with other players, you can be easy to be broken with injuries strongly.

6, Gloves

Normally people think that only goftkeeper needs to use gloves to protect his hand before strong touches of ball. However, gloves are necessary for all footballer

Depending on other positions, you should use proper gloves because both receivers and transferrer ball face injuries about hand easily.

So, using gloves help you to limit serious scratching or bruising in throwing or preventing ball. 

The fact, normal player feels uncomfortable when using gloves. But you can be adapted properly when using it usually.