In the new publication of France Football magazine, Lionel Messi is the best money player – with $ 142 million in 2019. This includes salary, bonuses and advertising revenues. His income increased by a million USD compared to the previous year.

Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second with 128 million USD, while Neymar received 103 million USD.

The income of female players is much less than that of male colleagues. The best female player to make money in a year, Carli Lloyd (USA) received 520,000 USD. Her compatriot Megan Rapinoe is second with 450,000 USD, while Norwegian star Ada Hegerberg is third with 434,000 USD.

Among coaches, Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid Club) leads with 44 million USD. Followed by Antonio Conte (Inter, 33 million USD) and Pep Guardiola (Man City, 30 million USD).

The income of football stars is likely to decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 effect. Many European football tournaments are postponed. Club revenue, sponsorships and advertising contracts are at risk of a sharp decline.

Messi is out of the top 5 for transfer pricing

Barca captain Lionel Messi slipped from fourth to eighth on Transfermarkt’s transfer price list. According to the latest assessment of Transfermarkt – a website specializing in valuing players on the transfer floor, Messi reached a transfer price of about $ 153 million. In the Top 10, he only ranked above Antoine Griezmann and Jadon Sancho, the two players cost $ 131 million.

In the previous assessment, Messi ranked fourth with Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne. However, at present, these four players all surpassed and shared the price of 163 million USD.

Neymar ranked second with a price of 174 million USD. Compared to the record 263 million USD set in 2017 when returning to PSG, the Brazilian striker is at a “lower” level. Raheem Sterling, Manchester City’s winger, is in second place with Neymar. Transfermarkt appreciates the British star for his youth and style.

Kylian Mbappe still ranked first with a valuation of $ 220 million. At the age of 21, the PSG striker still has plenty of time to play and the opportunity to become a monument. PSG are doing everything possible to keep Mbappe in the eye of Real Madrid and Liverpool.

According to experts, if a real transfer occurred, the price of Mbappe could be even higher. Many sources confirm, Real is willing to pay $ 300 million for PSG.