With outstanding talent, these sports athletes are not only the conquerors of many individual and collective titles but also respectable “money machines.” When the total assets they own are up to billions of dollars.

Let’s see who are the 10 richest faces in the sports world! And how did they get that fortune!

Floyd Mayweather

The name Mayweather was too famous for world sports fans, when the terrible numbers of the money this puncher received after every radio was revealed, along with a series of show-offs made everyone must be jealous. Specifically, after only one match won by boxer Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather pocketed £ 116.5 million. This amount is enough to hire Cristiano Ronaldo to play 49,262 games.

Unlike other rich sports athletes, often make money with advertising contracts. Mayweather’s property comes mainly from the times of the fortress. According to Forbes’ statistics, after the end of this career, the fist earned more than 700 million USD from the profession. This is the record for the career income of a boxer.

David Beckham

It seems that the wealth and popularity of the player in this country has no hidden signs of decline, even when he retired from his sports career for a long time. By his talent and popularity, the Becks have created an empire of their own and become the richest and most powerful couple in English entertainment. With an income of over 40 million pounds per year. Estimates of the total assets of the Beckham family currently fall to about 470 million pounds, nearly half the British Queen Elizabeth II, who owns a fortune of 340 million pounds.

It can be said that Beck House is a business family when all members are capable of making great money. While David Beckham owns a huge income from football career, advertising contracts, Victoria’s multi-talented wife also did not suffer from the edge.

At prestigious fashion shows like London, Paris or New York, Vic’s collection is always ranked among the most sought after collections. Not only the Beckhams and their two big sons, Romeo and Brooklyn, also make good money. Brooklyn earned a fair amount of money as a model for celebrity fashion magazines and brands. Meanwhile, the advertising contract for Burberry earned Romeo about £45,000.