Before earning millions of dollars from tennis, she and the whole family had almost nothing.

At the age of 6, Maria Sharapova and her father moved from Russia to the United States to pursue a tennis career for only $700. When Sharapova practiced daily at an academy in Florida, her father worked on low-income jobs to pay for rent, necessities and education. They slept on the sofa in the small apartment of a middle-aged Russian woman.

This sacrifice has paid off. 10 years after moving to the US, at the age of 17, Sharapova won Wimbledon in 2004. She received a £ 560,500 prize money. To date, the 32-year-old athlete has earned more than $ 38 million in prize money throughout her career and is the highest-paid female athlete in the world for 11 consecutive years.

On CNBC, she once said the maturity of lack of money greatly affected the way she spent later. Despite her success on the field, she planned as if her tennis career would end the next day. That’s part of the reason she launched Sugarpova candy in 2012.

On CNBC, Sharapova shared about making money and spending her money.

– What was your first memory related?

When my mother gave me a stuffed rabbit for New Year and told me not to, because it was much more expensive than the amount my father wanted to spend on gifts.

– Who taught you about money?

Probably my parents. They influenced all my decisions from a very young age. I think that is a wonderful thing.

– What was your first income?

Probably no more than 5 or 6 USD a week.

– What was your first job?

Tennis player.

– What was your first car and how much was it?

I did not have a car until the first vehicle advertisement contract. But my first family car was a fairly old Honda. I still remember when I pressed the windshield control button, it felt like “That’s great. I’ve never seen anything like this”.

– What will you pay for?

I don’t like yachts. Many people when they have money will want to spend on yachts in the summer. I’d rather stay on the ground.