List of bonuses at PGA Tour 2019

• The tournament with the lowest total value of prizes: 3 million USD (Puerto Open).

• The tournament with the largest prize money: 46 million USD (Tour Championship), in which the champion receives 15 million USD. Next is the Players Championship (12.5 million), the champion receives 2.5 million.

Corresponding to the expansion of the size and value of prizes, the number of prize money for golfers making the most money of the year also increased over time.

If in 1970, Lee Trevino only earned $ 157,037, only 20 years later, Greg Norman received a reward of up to $ 1,165,477.

British Golfer Justin Rose was the top earner last season

Last season, Justin Rose was the best earner on the tour, receiving a reward of $ 18.1 million. This season, though not over, Brook Koepka is currently the top golfer earning list at PGA Tour with 7.8 million USD.

Although the prize money at each tournament is steadily increasing after each season, for professional golfers, the prize money does not play the main role to make up their huge fortune.

It is estimated that more than 60% of golfers’ income comes from advertising contracts, TV shows, events, writing books, golf course design, or even investing in other fields such as real estate, golf courses and businesses.

According to Forbes, reviewing the 2018 earnings of the world’s top golfers, fans can test this out.

Tiger Woods leads the revenue with $ 63.9 million, of which only 9.9 million comes from bonuses and $ 54 million from advertising. Next came Phil Mickelson with a total revenue of 48.4 million USD, but only 12.4 million USD in bonuses, the rest came from advertising contracts.

In third place is Rory McIlroy with a total income of $ 39 million, of which only 8 million comes from the prize money of the tournament, the rest comes from other sources.

But behind the triumph and the fortune of tens of millions of dollars are thousands of hours of hard work, the absolute discipline of professional golfers.