English football is poor, clubs are getting richer because the fans for them are not diminishing. Why is that?

Motorbikes with the logo of a football club from England Manchester United crept in the streets of Bangkok. Fans in Okene, Nigeria, wore a red and white shirt to dance on Arsenal Day. The Premier League buys broadcast rights and live television in more than 180 countries, with clubs fans all over the world. 25 years since its inception, the Premier League has become the most profitable product in the “king” sport. According to data from Deloitte, the Premier League clubs earned £ 4.6 billion ($ 5.8 billion) in the 2015-16 season, nearly double the number of other football leagues.

This is even more impressive when Britain is not the best soccer ball in the world. ClubElo.com, the site that scores teams according to data on the opponents they beat, calculates that no club from England is in the top 5. Eight years ago, England contributed up to 4 names. The last time an English football club reached the final of the European Cup, the most prestigious tournament in Europe, has been since 2012. And the last time a Premier League star reached the top 5 in the Golden Ball. Europe is also from 2011. Spain, Germany, Italy, and France are now dominating this list.

In 1989, Britain shook with the Hillsborough disaster when part of the stadium’s stadium collapsed and killed 96 Liverpool fans. The event caused all stadiums in the UK to unload the stand and new safety standards. Over the next decade, clubs spent a total of £ 500 million to renovate the stadium, accompanied by higher ticket prices and wealthier fans. At the same time, money poured into the English Premier League thanks to a deal with satellite TV BskyB. The deal also raises the price of the previous fee that ITV has to pay.