With 95 million followers on Instagram, CR7 is currently ranked 7th in the list of people with the most fans (after Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian).

With each sharing of the advertising status line, CR7 gently pocketed 260,490 euros. There is no point in repeating CR7’s personal account on Twitter which currently attracts 49.2 million followers. This is really an impressive figure, and also speaks of his attraction to the grave.

Messi is currently the second most followed player in the world, with 89 million likes on Facebook and 83 million followers on Instagram.

In general, with such a huge number of interactions, Messi and many other celebrities can post ads for brands, in exchange for advertising money. Income from this source is not small, with a few million per year.

Business Investment

Robbie Fowler – former Manchester City player famous for being a real estate tycoon. He used the salary of a professional footballer to invest in real estate with a net worth of £ 31 million in 2013.

Younger then Ronaldo. This player is also very sensitive in business when taking advantage of CR7 brand exploits. In addition to selling fashion clothes, underwear, housewares, the Portuguese superstar also owns 2 luxury hotels.

These Pestana CR7 hotels are located in Lisbon and Funchal (Ronaldo’s hometown of Madeira). In 2016, Ronaldo also joined forces with US healthcare company Crunch to open a gym. The first gym named after him is likely to open in Madrid.

In fact, today famous players make money not just in banks. They always have a team of financial advisors, who help the money “lay” money out. Messi this summer just opened a major sports center in China. In addition, he invested in real estate with a project called Azahares del Parana in his home town of Rosario, building high-class apartment buildings.

Not to mention that these are just surfaces known by the press. Certainly Messi or Ronaldo also has many other secret investment projects, giving them huge amounts of money in addition to income from football.