From being a “blockbuster” buying team, Chelsea has become the most profitable team in the last two transfer periods.

During the two summer transfers of 2019 and January 2020, Chelsea earned about 273 million USD. Meanwhile, they only cost 49 million to Real to buy Mateo Kovacic. With a profit of 224 million, Chelsea is the team making the most money from the transfer.

The Chelsea rotation of 180 degrees, from a giant to a big profit team, is due to a ban on buying players from FIFA during the summer transfer window. In addition, the sale of Eden Hazard to Real also gives them an attractive sum.

Benfica ranked second with a profit of 182.5 million USD. They gained this position mainly through the sale of Joao Felix to Atletico for 146 million. Ajax is third with 150 million profit. Followed by Sporting, Salzburg, Lille, Hoffenheim, Sampdoria, Eindhoven and Empoli.

Of the 10 most profitable teams, Chelsea is the only Premier League representative. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy have two teams.

In the group with the most losses, Real took the lead with a deficit of 198 million. The former European champion tried to reduce losses by selling and lending to players, but could not compensate for spending more than 300 million to buy players.

Hazard and expensive players make Real a serious deficit.

Aston Villa, rookie of the Premier League this season, surprised the second place with a deficit of 186 million. Due to earning more royalties by returning to the Premier League, this team spent heavily to increase relegation.

The three teams behind Aston Villa are Barca (deficit of 181 million), Man Utd (166) and Tottenham (154).

In the top five national championships in Europe, the Premier League has the largest deficit of 925 million. Ligue 1, meanwhile, is the only tournament with a profit of 116.5 million.