Football is an interesting team sport loved by male and female as well all walk of life. From the kids, teenager to student, the young, all people love playing football as a good sport in everyday.

In this article, we checklist necessary equipment you should prepare to start this game comfortably and safely.

The fact, depending on footballer’s position, you should reference to collect good equipment. However, this game requires basic accessory as below:

1, Helmet

Helmet plays the most import role in all items, because it directly impacts to your head which is easy to be injury in movement.

In some professional football tournaments like NFL, they require all players in the pitch wear a helmet. The fact, this equipment is necessary to protect head before impact of flying ball or competing with other players.

2, Uniform

Football makes impressive with many spectators because the uniform of players. It is considered as one outstanding feature in football.

Someone says that football has the most elaborate uniform compared with any sport. This is the first factor to realize teammates and opponents among players as well referee, coaches and spectators. Sometimes viewers can forget name of player but they still remember color of footballers’ uniform. It becomes symbol when referring to this club. so, many clubs try to design uniform specially so that they can cause interest and impression for anyone.

Furthermore, one high-quality uniform looks like a protective gear to avoid simple injuries for players.

One set of uniform includes in shirt, short, socks and shoes.

The fact, many players become representatives for the advertising when they wear football uniform. They look strong and powerful.

3, Thigh, hip and knee pads

Many footballers are under injuries about arms and legs because they have not used thing, hip or knee pads.

The fact, arms and legs are easy to touch each other in running or throwing ball, so using pads is helpful to reduce accidents.