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Here we continue to share necessary equipment you need to prepare if you want to start playing football.

By preparation accessories carefully, you can enjoy this game safely and well.

From the former article, we already discuss some equipment like: helmet, football uniform, high, hip and knee pads. Now, we checklist other types.

4, Mouth guard

This equipment is necessary for footballer in the NFL.

When player hits to the jaw or lips can lead to breaking mouth and teeth. These accidents are terrible which limit your health and energy to continue the game.

So, if you use mouth guard, you can protect you’re a mouth properly.

5, Shoulder pads

In the former article, we refer to knee pads to protect knee carefully.

Besides it, we need a couple of shoulder pads. 

In this game, strong shoulders are important to contribute strength, power for running in a long time as football. So, it’s better to use shoulder pads to keep it safely. It is useful to withstandany pressure or force of tackles in process of game.

Almost players feel better when using shoulder pads. 

Although you are not a professional player, you should use this equipment because accident has no expection for anyone. While running and interacting with other players, you can be easy to be broken with injuries strongly.

6, Gloves

Normally people think that only goftkeeper needs to use gloves to protect his hand before strong touches of ball. However, gloves are necessary for all footballer

Depending on other positions, you should use proper gloves because both receivers and transferrer ball face injuries about hand easily.

So, using gloves help you to limit serious scratching or bruising in throwing or preventing ball. 

The fact, normal player feels uncomfortable when using gloves. But you can be adapted properly when using it usually.

Checklist equipment in football (Part 1)

Football is an interesting team sport loved by male and female as well all walk of life. From the kids, teenager to student, the young, all people love playing football as a good sport in everyday.

In this article, we checklist necessary equipment you should prepare to start this game comfortably and safely.

The fact, depending on footballer’s position, you should reference to collect good equipment. However, this game requires basic accessory as below:

1, Helmet

Helmet plays the most import role in all items, because it directly impacts to your head which is easy to be injury in movement.

In some professional football tournaments like NFL, they require all players in the pitch wear a helmet. The fact, this equipment is necessary to protect head before impact of flying ball or competing with other players.

2, Uniform

Football makes impressive with many spectators because the uniform of players. It is considered as one outstanding feature in football.

Someone says that football has the most elaborate uniform compared with any sport. This is the first factor to realize teammates and opponents among players as well referee, coaches and spectators. Sometimes viewers can forget name of player but they still remember color of footballers’ uniform. It becomes symbol when referring to this club. so, many clubs try to design uniform specially so that they can cause interest and impression for anyone.

Furthermore, one high-quality uniform looks like a protective gear to avoid simple injuries for players.

One set of uniform includes in shirt, short, socks and shoes.

The fact, many players become representatives for the advertising when they wear football uniform. They look strong and powerful.

3, Thigh, hip and knee pads

Many footballers are under injuries about arms and legs because they have not used thing, hip or knee pads.

The fact, arms and legs are easy to touch each other in running or throwing ball, so using pads is helpful to reduce accidents.

Swimming equipment you should prepare

Swimming is regarded as one of the most favorite sports for anyone and any age, even you can play it at any weather in many places with water like swimming pool, lake, river or sea.

However, this sport still exits some dangers such as drowning if you can’t save yourself underwater or your equipment is not enough good to protect you.

So, you should be careful when jumping into water and swimming.

In this article, we instruct some necessary equipment you should prepare well before swimming.

1/ Swimming goggles

You should use swimming goggles during your process because of major two reasons followings:

Firstly, it helps you to have a good field of vison. It means you can see everything around you, even it is on the water. 

As normal, our eyes can’t see well and clearly in the water, therefore a pair of swimming goggles is necessary to discover everything in water.

The second, swimming goggles can protect your eyes without getting red or irritated when your eyes are interacting directly with water.

Although you feel the water at swimming pool or lake is clean and clear, actually it contains so much chloramines from human waste and chorine. So, this environment is not good for your eyes.

2/ Swimming cap

Swim cap is necessary for swimmer, especially the women.

Firstly, it keeps your hair dry. Besides it, it also protects your hair from the chemicals like clo, other human waste in the water which impact badly to your hair. Even, you use shampoo but it becomes rough.These reasons to choose a proper swimming cap when swimming. It can make your style fashionable and modern


Playing sports is an indispensable part in the human life. Many people treat sport as jobs to develop themselves. Or someone choose playing sport to reach benefits for health and fitness. While others receive advantages of sport in entertainment.

To understand more benefits of playing sports, we collect top useful functions of sports in daily life. Following it if you are a fan of sport.

5/ Reduces stress and anxiety

When you do physical exercise, your mind has chance to forget stress, pressure or anxiety from daily trouble. It’s better to reduce stress hormones in my brain. Besides it, it also encourages to release more endorphin which gives you more positive energy and thinking. 

As study, after playing sports you will usually throw away all worrying to restart your mind better.

7/ Improve mental health better

According to reports of the Public health agency, playing sport contributes to promote good mental health for players. However, the rate of effect will depend on attuite and effort of each player. But almost players feel happier and more relaxing when finish a set of exercise. 

Improving mental health includes some factors such as changing better mood and attitude, enhancing sense of happiness, lowering stress as well negative feeling. All emotions should be good for mental health.

8/ Build leaders 

In playing sports, all people determine to win or overcome challenges successfully. It’s big efforts to keep patience and practice hard day by day, week by week. This is a good mindset to develop thinking for strong leadership qualities in the real life.

It makes good habit in your mind to solve jobs efficiently. 

9/ Make new relationship

In playing sport process, you have more chances to interact and make new friends with the same favorite. It’s better to share and exchange with new friends about strength and weakness in sports. In general, someone having the same hobby are easier to contact and share each other

Benefits of playing sports in daily life

Sports bring a lot of benefits for health, fitness, spirit and mental. Therefore, it is close and favorite with the human life from a long time. In the modern life, sports become more and more popular because people care about fitness more.

However, someone feel lazy and not much power to start a sport. Don’t worry. Following our article, we will show top benefits of sports when you play it in daily life. It can impact on your mind about playing sport.

1/ Better sleep

According to some researches, playing sports make your mind more flexible and comfortable, then you can enjoy a better sleep.

After hard working in practice exercise, you have to use up a lot of energy. Then, you have more demand to take a rest. It means you immerse sleep naturally and easily.

For some people with insomnia issue, doctors also advise them to play any sport to improve the status better.

2/ Have a good heart

Your heart is just a muscle, so you should take care it by do exercise frequently. It’s a good way to keep fit and healthy for heart. One a good heart is important to protect overall parts in body.

When you play sport, your heart can be active more. It can impact to blood flow efficiently in your body.

3/ Improve function of lung

Playing sport also helps your to provide more oxygen to breed body well. So, your lung will be open and increased capacity dramatically in exercise process. As a good consequence, your lung will be improved better and covered more functions and efficiency.

4/ Increase confidence

Playing sport means that you need to connect with other players. They can be your partner, opponents or some people to serve sports. They can be different from thoughts, backgrounds, religions, jobs or beliefs. When contacting with them, you have more experience and soft skills to solve problem. It means confidence can be improved better.