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Swimming equipment you should prepare (Part 3)

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports of all the ages. Whether you are female or male, you are a kid or mature, you will like swimming, especially in the summer.

The fact, swimming is encouraged to play at some developed countries because they understand roles and benefits of swimming to human’s health. So, the government invest good infrastructure to build up swimming pool with high quality.

No need to spend time on going to the beach, you still enjoy available space in your city to enjoy swimming comfortably.

If you prefer to practice swimming as a daily habit or a profession, you need to prepare equipment relating to swimming. In this article, we continue to check list some necessary equipment you should collect. It’s a good way to have a swimming trip.

6, Swim parka

Someone prefers to practice in a long time for swimming, you should purchase a swim parka. It’s useful to keep warm when you finish swimming in the early morning or taking a rest between races.

In the winter, your body should me stay warm as soon as you move from the pool. One swim parka made from a thick fleece interior to be against water-resistant is suitable for you at this time.

7, Nose clip

Someone claims that using nose clip is not professional. However, it brings a lot of benefits for users. For example, you can float while your breakout, or you can keep your breath in longer time.

If you are in trouble to arrange your breath in water, using nose clip is possible to improve your level better.

8, Swim snorkel

Using swim snorkel becomes more and more popular nowadays, from pro swimmer to daily swimmers because it can contribute to balance your stroke or help you to avoid neck and traps.


Technology always play an important role in the human life. It contributes to develop our lives better and better. All fields need to be improved by technology in advance.

In this article, we continue to share one aspect of achievement from technology. It’s contribution in sport. In first thought, someone think that sports don’t need any improvement because the rule is fixed, athletes only follow and practice it to reach good result.

The fact that, technology is necessary to support athletes in practices as well competitions. Following this article, let you know top six greatest technologies in sports.

5/ Prosthetic devices for the disabled

Though the disabled, they have the right to play all sports as normal people. So, prosthetic devices are useful to support them in playing sport.

Once someone lost limbs or limit about brain, they should have a chance to live and play sport. Therefore, prosthetic technology is extremely necessary to make their lives better.

One of famous prosthetic device is prosthetic design of Dr. Rory A. Cooper. He has created a fake prosthetic to move with body and embedded body suits which bases on motion sensors.

6/ Ingestible thermometer pills

For any athlete in any sport, following health status such as temperature, heart rate or visceral organs is necessary and updated day by day before and after practice. However, it wastes many time if using it manually. Therefore, people have invented indigestible pills.

When you drink one thermometer pill, it moves to the gastrointestinal tract, then it transfers the whole information to medical worker. So if any problem, it looks like as a reminder to give solutions in advance before happening any accidents.

All players should use pills to protect their health and body. It’s useful and saving time in sports practice.


Thanks to technology in sports, records as well practice daily of athletes can be improved dramatically. In this article, we see top six technology inventions in sports. The fact that, it is a small part in hundreds of advancements for sports.

In the previous article, we refer benefits of hawk-eye technology and Hans device. Let it continue to video technology and wearable computers invention.

3/ Video technology

Video technology is considered as an important invention which makes records for sports history. Thanks to this technology, we can see again all matches organized before. It is a good condition for every spectator to follow match which was not broadcast live.

Now, everything can be changed when all can be broadcasted in your home, your smartphone or computer. You can stay at home and discover all sports events through TV screen, of course including the live matches without going to the stadium directly.

Video technology is also useful for players themselves. They see their play again then realize mistakes or drawbacks for the next time.

4/ Wearable computers technology

It is a good advancement for safety and monitoring job called wearable computers. It looks as an assistant to follow real-time tracking of athletes. It will consult any problem about health when it finds out some strange factors. Thanks this equipment, athletes can realize their health issues clearly, then it reduces diseases about heart attacks, muscle accidents or incidents of dehydration.

During professional practice, athletes can forget basic requirement for safe health and continue to break out of limit, it can cause serious accidents, even the death. When using wearable computer, it has made a difference for athlete’s health. It is a supervisor to follow heart rate, hydration, temperature as well other conditions. If you have any evidence about over exercise, it will remind you through wireless and microscopic monitoring system.

Top six technological advancement for sports

Technology plays an important role in our lives. It can contribute to improve all aspects and fields. In this article, we will discuss achievements from technology to sports. Actually, one invention about equipment in sports can change dramatically jobs, tasks as well result of athletes. Therefore, we will share top six outstanding technological advancement for sports.

1/ Hawk-eye technology

This technology use about 6 or 7 high-end cameras to be situated in the field to follow all situations and performance during the play. Once there is trouble, referee can use hawk-eye technology to see the record and give the final conclusion. Therefore, it is also called with nickname as judge-eye.

It has been used for many sports such as tennis, cricket, rugby or volleyball since 2006. The fact that it is good record to consult to real referee before making decision. It contributes to an accurate result for players.

Some benefits of haw-eye technology such: help referee to make an error-free decision accurately and quickly when the game is on. Then players and spectators feel persuasive and satisfactory.

2/ HANS device

HANS device is one of the first equipment to support safe for players in motorsports. HANS stands for “head and neck support” which is extremely convenient and useful on motorbike races.

The fact that motorbike or car race is a dangerous sport which has ever caused serious accidents, even the death for divers. For example, terrible death of Dale Earnhardt at the Daytona 500 related to head and neck trauma injury. This sad event required this sport should be invented equipment to protect diver in safe in event of a tragic crash. As a good consequence, HANS device has been invented.

HANS is a U-shaped device which is put behind the neck while its two arms are put on chest of driver so that it can keep head stable without whipping forwards or backward in one crash happens.

How to clean goalkeeper gloves with a washing machine?

We always encourage you to use the manual glove cleaning method. Because this method is longer, takes more time and effort but it helps you can best protect the gloves from being worn out, damage and fading.

If you want to use the washing machine to wash. Look at the material and brand of goalie gloves you are using before you put it in your device.

To reduce glove damage, you should peel off the inside of the glove to rinse the abrasion directly.

If you want to wash the outside, put your tau gloves inside a cloth bag. How to wash this goalkeeper glove helps the glove washing process not in direct contact with the camera. Secure the cloth bag tightly to ensure that when the washing machine is running, gloves are not thrown out.

Using a washing machine, you don’t need to wash it in warm water, because the washing machine’s temperature and rotation speed can easily damage your gloves. If your gloves are good, you can leave them on a warm baking mode for better washing.

Lastly, choose the gentleest washing mode for washing, Don’t forget to give the detergent to clean the gloves.

After the washing machine has finished washing, expose them to the natural temperature, do not dry or use any other type of heat dryer. Because the washing mode of the washing machine has been quite thorough and the gloves have almost been squeezed out of water. It will be dried quickly.

How to deodorize goalkeeper gloves and preserve them long

During stressful exercise, exercise and competition. Or due to factors from the weather, the washing process is not completely dry. Gloves are prone to unpleasant odors. Causing confidence to the goalkeepers. Therefore, you should know how to deodorize goalkeeper gloves.

The best way for you to remove the odor for goalie gloves is to use them every time to clean them to the outside to reduce external stains.

You should dry gloves to the inside always dry. You should not store them in a sealed bag immediately after use. This is how you can best limit washing to water each use because washing will quickly damage, fade.

Every time washing your gloves, you should dry or dry the gloves to completely dry. If the glove does not dry completely, it will make the odor worse.

how to clean and store goalkeeper gloves

The article shared below will provide you with instruction on how to wash the goalkeeper gloves in the most correct and fastest way.

Do you know how to clean the goalkeeper gloves the easiest way yet? Take 5 minutes to see how to clean the goalkeeper gloves we share below to know how to wash the cleanest goalkeeper gloves, the most correct and fastest way. Are you ready to perform?

Goalie gloves are easy to get dirty when catching the ball. Cleaning it is essential for every match. Because if the glove becomes dirty, the friction decreases, resulting in a slippery ball. This is a disadvantage if you do not clean the goalkeeper gloves properly.

To be able to best improve this situation, you need to know how to wash goalkeeper gloves to ensure gloves are always clean, no unpleasant odor and achieve the best results when playing. Please perform the following sequential steps.

1. Prepare a washing basin filled with warm water. Then you use laundry detergent dissolved in warm water. Stir to mix detergent and warm water evenly. If the goalkeeper gloves are sweaty, you can use a few tablets to clean dentures into the washing basin. This is the most effective way to eliminate the odor of goalie gloves used by many people.

You should note, use warm water, do not use too hot water to wash gloves will burn your hands and not good for glove material.

2. Dip your gloves in the washbasin that was prepared in step 1. Let them soak the dissolved soapy water until it is completely wet. You can then gently rub it by hand. Scrubbing the most dirty areas, especially at the fingertips.

You should rub the gloves by hand, avoiding the use of support methods such as brushes or any other rubbing objects. This could cause your gloves to be rubbish, damaged, or worn, worn out.

3. Rinse them well with another clean basin. When rinsing, you only need to use cold water. Peel off the inside of the glove to remove all dust or anything hidden inside it. This is the most effective way to clean the goalkeeper gloves. Also how to eliminate odors for your gloves.

4. After rinsing with water. You should squeeze thoroughly into water gloves, squeeze as thoroughly as possible. However, do not use the washing machine to spin, avoid the washing machine will damage the gloves.