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Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for all ages. At any nation, you can enjoy swimming easily because there are many places to swim such as swimming pools, lakes, rivers, beaches.

To have a safe swimming trip, you should prepare some regulations as well equipment to join it well.

In this article, we will share top swimming equipment. You should follow to maximum healthy benefits as well reduce risks.

3, Swimming suit

This accessory is extremely important to make comfort for swimming process. Further, it increases more fashionable.

Some man use board shorts to replace swim briefs. It’s ridiculous. Maybe you feel a little shied if this is the first time you jump into the swimming pool. But it’s really uncomfortable when you are under water. Tons of waters can immerse inside board shorts then prevent your movement.

It’s better to use proper swimming suit for male and female. You look more confident when you comply with the rules in swimming pool.

4, Ear plugs

For some new swimmers, it’s better to use ear plugs to avoid water in the ear canals. This is the main reason why leading to infection or earaches. It seems not good for your health.

You should choose type with silicone pillow soft. It makes comfortable and safe for your health.

5, Swim fins

This equipment is necessary when you swim in the river or particularly the sea. It looks a protection wing to support your movement easily.

Someone thinks that swim fins only are used for new beginners who has not much experience. However, it is completely opposing. This part helps you to move faster and longer under the water. Therefore, professional swimmers usually use swim fins to support them in swimming process.

It should be invested if you tend to swim in a long time at big locations like rivers, beaches.

How do E-sports organizations make money? (Part 1)

Many viewers know of the huge numbers of total E-sports prizes or record-breaking streaming views on Twitch. However, not everyone understands the “secret” E-sports organizations use to make money.

Sponsorship deal

Similar to football, the sponsor’s image for E-sports organizations appears on jerseys, streaming channels, at every major event and photo shoots. Of the nearly $ 1.1 billion in E-sports revenue expected in 2019, $ 456 million comes from sponsors, accounting for approximately 41.4%.

Major brands have jumped on E-sports “pie” recently. They sponsor, appearing in every corner, from fast food, competition gear to player costumes. Some brands decide to sponsor a major tournament too, such as a 4-year Nike deal signed with League of Legends. Others want to be associated with the player image, like Red Bull has just partnered with Ninja.

Ninja, the famous Fortnite streamer has just become the image representative for Red Bull.

In general, E-sports is the story of a small screen but is watched by young people on many different media. Young people who love games are a group of customers that are difficult to reach for major brands but are willing to spend money on E-sports. So for big brands, the goal is always to brand the famous players for as long as possible. As for E-sports, they are responsible for bringing the brand image to appear on the media as much as possible.

One of the organizations that do a very good job is Team SoloMid (TSM). Built from an LoL website, TSM has now strived to become one of the world’s largest E-sports organizations. They are also currently one of the few E-sports organizations that have positive cash flow, meaning that their annual profits go to the organizer.

The key to TSM’s success is “content” – content, intellectual property – they create. Mr. Devin “Mylixia” Nash, CEO of Counter Logic Gaming at the recent stream also commented on TSM’s way of making money.

How do football superstars make money from their images? (Part 1)

Obviously, any professional footballer, even a superstar, will receive a fixed salary at the club they join. The difference is probably the amount of money each player receives.

Like any bank, agency, organization, the ball club has been looking for ways to pay an attractive salary to attract the best players. When Wayne Rooney signed for Manchester United in 2014, he was paid £ 300,000 a week. This is equal to 50 pounds per second and 30 pounds per minute.

As for the contract at Barca, the world’s top football star Messi receives a salary of £ 500,000 a week after tax. This salary is said to be the highest in the La Liga, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo. With such a salary, Messi receives £ 2 million a month and earns more than £25 million a year.

Advertising, brand representation

High salaries have been a major source of wealth for tens, hundreds of millions of dollars for football superstars to receive advertising, image representation for sports brands. Simply nodding to agree to kick on football shoes branded by a certain company, they have made a mountain of money.

For example, the price of millions of dollars per year that Nike agrees to pay Neymar just for him to use this brand shoes. In fact, this figure is still nothing compared to the $ 11 million that Adidas agreed to pay David Beckham when he was still playing football.

More recently, Adidas moved on to signing a lifetime product sponsorship contract with Messi. The exact number Messi receives is not known, but one thing is for sure, it will be no less than the $ 1 billion that Ronaldo signed with Nike. (Of course, this terrible amount of money Ronaldo or Messi cannot receive right away, but is divided year by year or month later).

In addition to 1, 2 such lucrative contracts, stars like Messi also have a series of contracts that are the faces of some famous brands such as Pepsi, Gillette, Turkish Airlines, etc.