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Northern Ireland gained silver thanks to The Open 2019

The final event in the golf quartet’s major quartet generated more than $130 million for the local economy when it returned to Northern Ireland in July.

According to newly published research, Northern Ireland enjoys direct cash flows of more than $ 58 million. In addition, the country also benefits from a marketing destination worth 48 million USD thanks to the total broadcast time of the tournament at more than 5,400 hours worldwide.

Local economy Causeway Coast has a Royal Portrush yard pumped about $34 million thanks to event hosting. Particularly, the Northern Ireland golf tourism agency has a profit of 31 million USD in terms of advertising value equivalent.

At the 148th tournament of The Open Championship, taking place at Royal Portrush, Shane Lowry was the champion. It was the first time the world’s oldest major returned to Northern Ireland in 68 years.

The above figures are calculated within a week of the tournament and do not consider the additional economic benefits in the following years.

Presiding over The Open is R&A (Royal & Ancient) – one of the two golf management and development agencies in the world, besides the American Golf Association (USGA). This year, R&A aims to attract more young audiences.

After-event statistics show that more than 30,000 spectators under the age of 25 come to the event to attend the event, of which, about 21,000 people under the age of 16 are free of entry tickets thanks to R&A’s Kids Go Free program.

Total field audience reached 237,750 people. This is a record number with an Open period held outside St. Andrews, which is considered the cradle of world golf.

More than half of the audience comes from abroad, the highest of which is in the United Kingdom, followed by the Republic of Ireland. The number of people from the US, Canada and Australia reached nearly 20,000.

In particular, after watching The Open this year, 83% of the audience said they would probably return to Causeway Coast, Glens and Northern Ireland in general in the next two years.

How do professional golfers make money? (Part 1)

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are the best professional golfers in the world.

Golf is a sport with many representatives on the list of the most money athletes in the world. We are so used to the image of golf stars earning and owning hundreds of millions of dollars of assets appearing in the newspapers.

Of course, the multi-million dollar awards, lucrative advertising contracts are not for all professional golfers. Only the top athletes attract such a difference in income between advertising contracts and tournament prize money.

So how do the professional golfer in the world make money from this sport?

Behind the million dollar fortune

At the end of 2017, Forbes magazine published a list of the 25 athletes who make the most money in sports history in the world. In particular, golf is the sport contributing the most number of athletes, 5 people.

In particular, there are up to 4 golfers on the shortlist of the 10 athletes who make the most money of all time. All are familiar names for golf fans.

First, Tiger Woods ranked second (after basketball star Michael Jordan, 1.85 billion) with an estimated amount of 1.7 billion USD.

The third place belonged to the late legend Arnold Palmer with US $ 1.4 billion. Jack Nicklaus, owner of 18 Major titles, is ranked fourth with 1.2 billion USD.

American Golfer, Phil Mickelson is in 6th place with 815 million USD. The last Golfer in the Top 25 list belongs to Australia’s ‘White Shark’ Greg Norman with 705 million dollars and 13th place.

Looking back on the history of golf development over the past 50 years, fans will easily see that the total prize money of professional golf tournament systems in the world has recorded a steady growth.

The most typical is the world’s No. 1 professional league system (PGA Tour). In 1970, the total prize value of 55 tournaments under the PGA Tour system at that time was $ 5.5 million.

This increased to $ 46.3 million for 44 tournaments in 1990, and then to $ 342 million for 47 tournaments in 2017.

Latest, the total prize money of 46 events in the 2018-2019 season is currently $ 389.3 million.

How do E-sports organizations make money? (Part 3)

Media copyright

20% of total E-sports revenue comes from media royalties. This money will go to game developers and tournament organizers.

For E-sports organizations that want to compete in franchised tournaments such as Overwatch League or LCS, the amount of money to “buy tickets” is huge. Not far away, the racial scandal caused Echo Fox President Rick Fox to sell his teeth to attend the LCS.

Just after the announcement, the Kroenke Group, famous for its stinginess when not investing in the Arsenal club, spent more than $ 30 million to “buy tickets” to attend the LCS tournament. Only then can you see how big brands and corporations around the world consider E-sports to be a fertile and fertile land.

Media copyright is second only to sponsorship in statistics generated by E-sports.

SellING ​​products, tickets to the tournament

With an income of about $ 100 million, too small for image rights or sponsorship, trading products and tickets in E-sports is not as successful as other traditional sports.

In E-sports, big stadiums are not an important consideration when organizing a tournament. So the money earned from ticket sales, modest product is obvious.

But the ticketing franchise to see the tournament for E-sports organizations is the reason why the Overwatch League is getting so big. Although the fee to attend this tournament is not small, the estimates of the number of viewers coming to the field to watch live in 2020 are worth investors’ consideration.

In addition to selling tickets, some E-sports organizations are now quite successful in selling the products they create. The best example is 100 Thieves, an organization that the talented League of Legends, Levi, used to work with.

Since being founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, 100 Thieves have earned a large amount of direct investment from outside. One of their biggest shareholders is Drake, a Canadian hip hop superstar.

The main reason Drake is interested in investing in 100 Thieves is that the organization, in addition to E-sports, is gradually becoming a famous fashion brand.

Above are the most popular ways e-sports organizations make money.

How to clean goalkeeper gloves with a washing machine?

We always encourage you to use the manual glove cleaning method. Because this method is longer, takes more time and effort but it helps you can best protect the gloves from being worn out, damage and fading.

If you want to use the washing machine to wash. Look at the material and brand of goalie gloves you are using before you put it in your device.

To reduce glove damage, you should peel off the inside of the glove to rinse the abrasion directly.

If you want to wash the outside, put your tau gloves inside a cloth bag. How to wash this goalkeeper glove helps the glove washing process not in direct contact with the camera. Secure the cloth bag tightly to ensure that when the washing machine is running, gloves are not thrown out.

Using a washing machine, you don’t need to wash it in warm water, because the washing machine’s temperature and rotation speed can easily damage your gloves. If your gloves are good, you can leave them on a warm baking mode for better washing.

Lastly, choose the gentleest washing mode for washing, Don’t forget to give the detergent to clean the gloves.

After the washing machine has finished washing, expose them to the natural temperature, do not dry or use any other type of heat dryer. Because the washing mode of the washing machine has been quite thorough and the gloves have almost been squeezed out of water. It will be dried quickly.

How to deodorize goalkeeper gloves and preserve them long

During stressful exercise, exercise and competition. Or due to factors from the weather, the washing process is not completely dry. Gloves are prone to unpleasant odors. Causing confidence to the goalkeepers. Therefore, you should know how to deodorize goalkeeper gloves.

The best way for you to remove the odor for goalie gloves is to use them every time to clean them to the outside to reduce external stains.

You should dry gloves to the inside always dry. You should not store them in a sealed bag immediately after use. This is how you can best limit washing to water each use because washing will quickly damage, fade.

Every time washing your gloves, you should dry or dry the gloves to completely dry. If the glove does not dry completely, it will make the odor worse.

How do E-sports organizations make money? (Part 2)

“How does money flow into the E-sports organization? From the content the organization makes. Let’s take the TSM example to explain this problem. They are one of the rare organizations with annual profits. How do they do that? They own a lot of famous streamer, “Mr. Mylixia said.

“In those celebrity streams, they add advertising, polish the brand that is sponsoring them. That’s how E-sports is making money.”

“Do you know what the truth is? The E-sports organization that makes money is not thanks to E-sports. They make money by the above way. Smart organizations will stick to famous streamers, deal with them so that the couple mutually beneficial. They become a better agency for managing, developing and developing talent for streamers.”

Advertising contract

For Mylixia, “content” is always the most important to success. When doing “content” well, big brands will come to E-sports organizations.

To get good advertising contracts, the E-sports organization needs to create the “content” that viewers want. Most E-sports organizations now choose Twitch, asking their players to stream on the platform. They even have players brought in to stream only for others to watch, not to play.

That’s why Mr. Mylixia calls the current E-sports organizations a distribution agency, managing talented streamers.

How E-sports organizes polishing images for players, attracting big brands is the key. Looking at TSM, the image of their League of Legends players is now tied to Dr. Pepper, the famous beverage brand in the US. Even many of their fans now name the team Team SodaMid.

The ability to create “content” or help TSM fly like a kite in the wind when Fortnite ascended the throne. They are one of the organizations that know how to take advantage of the fever created by Epic Games products worldwide. According to statistics, 5 streamers of TSM organization are currently in the top 22 most viewed channels in recent months. Names like Dakotaz, Myth, Daequan, HighDistortion and Hamlinz have all become teen idols.

how to clean and store goalkeeper gloves

The article shared below will provide you with instruction on how to wash the goalkeeper gloves in the most correct and fastest way.

Do you know how to clean the goalkeeper gloves the easiest way yet? Take 5 minutes to see how to clean the goalkeeper gloves we share below to know how to wash the cleanest goalkeeper gloves, the most correct and fastest way. Are you ready to perform?

Goalie gloves are easy to get dirty when catching the ball. Cleaning it is essential for every match. Because if the glove becomes dirty, the friction decreases, resulting in a slippery ball. This is a disadvantage if you do not clean the goalkeeper gloves properly.

To be able to best improve this situation, you need to know how to wash goalkeeper gloves to ensure gloves are always clean, no unpleasant odor and achieve the best results when playing. Please perform the following sequential steps.

1. Prepare a washing basin filled with warm water. Then you use laundry detergent dissolved in warm water. Stir to mix detergent and warm water evenly. If the goalkeeper gloves are sweaty, you can use a few tablets to clean dentures into the washing basin. This is the most effective way to eliminate the odor of goalie gloves used by many people.

You should note, use warm water, do not use too hot water to wash gloves will burn your hands and not good for glove material.

2. Dip your gloves in the washbasin that was prepared in step 1. Let them soak the dissolved soapy water until it is completely wet. You can then gently rub it by hand. Scrubbing the most dirty areas, especially at the fingertips.

You should rub the gloves by hand, avoiding the use of support methods such as brushes or any other rubbing objects. This could cause your gloves to be rubbish, damaged, or worn, worn out.

3. Rinse them well with another clean basin. When rinsing, you only need to use cold water. Peel off the inside of the glove to remove all dust or anything hidden inside it. This is the most effective way to clean the goalkeeper gloves. Also how to eliminate odors for your gloves.

4. After rinsing with water. You should squeeze thoroughly into water gloves, squeeze as thoroughly as possible. However, do not use the washing machine to spin, avoid the washing machine will damage the gloves.

How do E-sports organizations make money? (Part 1)

Many viewers know of the huge numbers of total E-sports prizes or record-breaking streaming views on Twitch. However, not everyone understands the “secret” E-sports organizations use to make money.

Sponsorship deal

Similar to football, the sponsor’s image for E-sports organizations appears on jerseys, streaming channels, at every major event and photo shoots. Of the nearly $ 1.1 billion in E-sports revenue expected in 2019, $ 456 million comes from sponsors, accounting for approximately 41.4%.

Major brands have jumped on E-sports “pie” recently. They sponsor, appearing in every corner, from fast food, competition gear to player costumes. Some brands decide to sponsor a major tournament too, such as a 4-year Nike deal signed with League of Legends. Others want to be associated with the player image, like Red Bull has just partnered with Ninja.

Ninja, the famous Fortnite streamer has just become the image representative for Red Bull.

In general, E-sports is the story of a small screen but is watched by young people on many different media. Young people who love games are a group of customers that are difficult to reach for major brands but are willing to spend money on E-sports. So for big brands, the goal is always to brand the famous players for as long as possible. As for E-sports, they are responsible for bringing the brand image to appear on the media as much as possible.

One of the organizations that do a very good job is Team SoloMid (TSM). Built from an LoL website, TSM has now strived to become one of the world’s largest E-sports organizations. They are also currently one of the few E-sports organizations that have positive cash flow, meaning that their annual profits go to the organizer.

The key to TSM’s success is “content” – content, intellectual property – they create. Mr. Devin “Mylixia” Nash, CEO of Counter Logic Gaming at the recent stream also commented on TSM’s way of making money.

How huge is the revenue of E-sports?

Today, the world’s leading E-sports organizations call for tens of millions of dollars of successful capital to be normal. According to Forbes, some organizations are now worth more than 200 million USD. They receive huge investments from the outside, expected to earn even bigger amounts in the future.

However, what they do with the money to make profits and how much profit will fall into the range is still “secret”, very complicated and difficult to understand.

If you thought E-sports was making money from prizes from tournaments, you’re wrong.

So how are E-sports organizations investing tens of millions of dollars to make money? The answer is they don’t earn any money now, if you look at the annual income. E-sports organizations are currently operating based on investors’ future expectations. They try to expand the field of attendance, appearing everywhere in the world to spread their presence in the E-sports market.

The Cloud 9 organization is a prime example. They own 96 players, coaches, E-sports managers playing in 12 different subjects. That is why their October 2018 round of funding raised so quickly, bringing it up to $ 50 million.

Investors rated E-sports as “effectively” or “healthy” start-ups, meaning that the large sums of money they poured in would be definitely more profitable in the future. That makes them willing to sacrifice some initial profits to help organizations like Cloud 9 grow, moving forward in the long run.

But strangely, even without making a profit, the current E-sports organizations still have many other ways to make money.

According to Newzoo, the world’s leading E-sports financial analysis company, E-sports revenue has been growing strongly in recent times. 2019 marked the first milestone of $ 1 billion in history (up 26.7% compared to 2018), expected in 2020 it will rise to nearly $ 2 billion. According to Newzoo, the revenue of E-sports will reach 1,096 billion USD.

This huge number comes from “brand investment”, including media, advertising and sponsorship copyrights. The money will eventually go to the tournament, mostly. For example, the annual Overwatch League grossed $ 45 million because it premiered on the Twitch platform. But the E-sports organization will make a big profit.

How do football superstars make money from their images? (Part 3)

With 95 million followers on Instagram, CR7 is currently ranked 7th in the list of people with the most fans (after Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian).

With each sharing of the advertising status line, CR7 gently pocketed 260,490 euros. There is no point in repeating CR7’s personal account on Twitter which currently attracts 49.2 million followers. This is really an impressive figure, and also speaks of his attraction to the grave.

Messi is currently the second most followed player in the world, with 89 million likes on Facebook and 83 million followers on Instagram.

In general, with such a huge number of interactions, Messi and many other celebrities can post ads for brands, in exchange for advertising money. Income from this source is not small, with a few million per year.

Business Investment

Robbie Fowler – former Manchester City player famous for being a real estate tycoon. He used the salary of a professional footballer to invest in real estate with a net worth of £ 31 million in 2013.

Younger then Ronaldo. This player is also very sensitive in business when taking advantage of CR7 brand exploits. In addition to selling fashion clothes, underwear, housewares, the Portuguese superstar also owns 2 luxury hotels.

These Pestana CR7 hotels are located in Lisbon and Funchal (Ronaldo’s hometown of Madeira). In 2016, Ronaldo also joined forces with US healthcare company Crunch to open a gym. The first gym named after him is likely to open in Madrid.

In fact, today famous players make money not just in banks. They always have a team of financial advisors, who help the money “lay” money out. Messi this summer just opened a major sports center in China. In addition, he invested in real estate with a project called Azahares del Parana in his home town of Rosario, building high-class apartment buildings.

Not to mention that these are just surfaces known by the press. Certainly Messi or Ronaldo also has many other secret investment projects, giving them huge amounts of money in addition to income from football.

How do football superstars make money from their images? (Part 2)

In 2016 alone, Messi‘s income from advertising amounts to £ 23 million, approximately one year of football pay.

For example, Ronaldo, it is said that no part of his body can not make money at all. With talent, names and ideal appearance, Ronaldo not only makes money with the ball but also with all parts of his body. Ronaldo’s advertising contracts are “diverse”, from shampoos, sportswear, mobile phones, manufacturers of sports equipment. Of course, it is accompanied by huge remuneration.

Bloomberg has released a unique graphic image, showing the large sponsors throughout Ronaldo’s body. In particular, the most notable is the Nike sportswear brand – the main and long-time sponsor of CR7. Nike’s above $ 1 billion package deal is for Ronaldo to accept the representative and use their products whenever they appear in public.

With such popularity and influence, famous sports companies in the world such as Nike, Puma and Adidas even have to compete fiercely to get superstars to represent their brands and so but the price of money increases.

Some superstars are talented and have a bit of writing talent, they can also make a lot of money from writing books – biographies of their life, especially with the big names who have announced their retirement. For players like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo it is entirely possible. Throughout their careers, they have achieved many remarkable achievements to record, telling their supporters. For example, David Beckham’s “My Side” has been the 10th best selling narrative in the world since 2001 according to the Guardian.

Income from social networks

In the days of social networking, the stars in general and famous football players in particular also found another way to make money through personal social networking sites.

According to Hookit, last year Ronaldo became the first sports player to have 200 million followers on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Particularly Facebook network, Ronaldo has 120 million followers, much higher than Messi’s 88 million.