Playing sports is an indispensable part in the human life. Many people treat sport as jobs to develop themselves. Or someone choose playing sport to reach benefits for health and fitness. While others receive advantages of sport in entertainment.

To understand more benefits of playing sports, we collect top useful functions of sports in daily life. Following it if you are a fan of sport.

5/ Reduces stress and anxiety

When you do physical exercise, your mind has chance to forget stress, pressure or anxiety from daily trouble. It’s better to reduce stress hormones in my brain. Besides it, it also encourages to release more endorphin which gives you more positive energy and thinking. 

As study, after playing sports you will usually throw away all worrying to restart your mind better.

7/ Improve mental health better

According to reports of the Public health agency, playing sport contributes to promote good mental health for players. However, the rate of effect will depend on attuite and effort of each player. But almost players feel happier and more relaxing when finish a set of exercise. 

Improving mental health includes some factors such as changing better mood and attitude, enhancing sense of happiness, lowering stress as well negative feeling. All emotions should be good for mental health.

8/ Build leaders 

In playing sports, all people determine to win or overcome challenges successfully. It’s big efforts to keep patience and practice hard day by day, week by week. This is a good mindset to develop thinking for strong leadership qualities in the real life.

It makes good habit in your mind to solve jobs efficiently. 

9/ Make new relationship

In playing sport process, you have more chances to interact and make new friends with the same favorite. It’s better to share and exchange with new friends about strength and weakness in sports. In general, someone having the same hobby are easier to contact and share each other

Benefits of playing sports in daily life

Sports bring a lot of benefits for health, fitness, spirit and mental. Therefore, it is close and favorite with the human life from a long time. In the modern life, sports become more and more popular because people care about fitness more.

However, someone feel lazy and not much power to start a sport. Don’t worry. Following our article, we will show top benefits of sports when you play it in daily life. It can impact on your mind about playing sport.

1/ Better sleep

According to some researches, playing sports make your mind more flexible and comfortable, then you can enjoy a better sleep.

After hard working in practice exercise, you have to use up a lot of energy. Then, you have more demand to take a rest. It means you immerse sleep naturally and easily.

For some people with insomnia issue, doctors also advise them to play any sport to improve the status better.

2/ Have a good heart

Your heart is just a muscle, so you should take care it by do exercise frequently. It’s a good way to keep fit and healthy for heart. One a good heart is important to protect overall parts in body.

When you play sport, your heart can be active more. It can impact to blood flow efficiently in your body.

3/ Improve function of lung

Playing sport also helps your to provide more oxygen to breed body well. So, your lung will be open and increased capacity dramatically in exercise process. As a good consequence, your lung will be improved better and covered more functions and efficiency.

4/ Increase confidence

Playing sport means that you need to connect with other players. They can be your partner, opponents or some people to serve sports. They can be different from thoughts, backgrounds, religions, jobs or beliefs. When contacting with them, you have more experience and soft skills to solve problem. It means confidence can be improved better.


Technology always play an important role in the human life. It contributes to develop our lives better and better. All fields need to be improved by technology in advance.

In this article, we continue to share one aspect of achievement from technology. It’s contribution in sport. In first thought, someone think that sports don’t need any improvement because the rule is fixed, athletes only follow and practice it to reach good result.

The fact that, technology is necessary to support athletes in practices as well competitions. Following this article, let you know top six greatest technologies in sports.

5/ Prosthetic devices for the disabled

Though the disabled, they have the right to play all sports as normal people. So, prosthetic devices are useful to support them in playing sport.

Once someone lost limbs or limit about brain, they should have a chance to live and play sport. Therefore, prosthetic technology is extremely necessary to make their lives better.

One of famous prosthetic device is prosthetic design of Dr. Rory A. Cooper. He has created a fake prosthetic to move with body and embedded body suits which bases on motion sensors.

6/ Ingestible thermometer pills

For any athlete in any sport, following health status such as temperature, heart rate or visceral organs is necessary and updated day by day before and after practice. However, it wastes many time if using it manually. Therefore, people have invented indigestible pills.

When you drink one thermometer pill, it moves to the gastrointestinal tract, then it transfers the whole information to medical worker. So if any problem, it looks like as a reminder to give solutions in advance before happening any accidents.

All players should use pills to protect their health and body. It’s useful and saving time in sports practice.


Thanks to technology in sports, records as well practice daily of athletes can be improved dramatically. In this article, we see top six technology inventions in sports. The fact that, it is a small part in hundreds of advancements for sports.

In the previous article, we refer benefits of hawk-eye technology and Hans device. Let it continue to video technology and wearable computers invention.

3/ Video technology

Video technology is considered as an important invention which makes records for sports history. Thanks to this technology, we can see again all matches organized before. It is a good condition for every spectator to follow match which was not broadcast live.

Now, everything can be changed when all can be broadcasted in your home, your smartphone or computer. You can stay at home and discover all sports events through TV screen, of course including the live matches without going to the stadium directly.

Video technology is also useful for players themselves. They see their play again then realize mistakes or drawbacks for the next time.

4/ Wearable computers technology

It is a good advancement for safety and monitoring job called wearable computers. It looks as an assistant to follow real-time tracking of athletes. It will consult any problem about health when it finds out some strange factors. Thanks this equipment, athletes can realize their health issues clearly, then it reduces diseases about heart attacks, muscle accidents or incidents of dehydration.

During professional practice, athletes can forget basic requirement for safe health and continue to break out of limit, it can cause serious accidents, even the death. When using wearable computer, it has made a difference for athlete’s health. It is a supervisor to follow heart rate, hydration, temperature as well other conditions. If you have any evidence about over exercise, it will remind you through wireless and microscopic monitoring system.

Top six technological advancement for sports

Technology plays an important role in our lives. It can contribute to improve all aspects and fields. In this article, we will discuss achievements from technology to sports. Actually, one invention about equipment in sports can change dramatically jobs, tasks as well result of athletes. Therefore, we will share top six outstanding technological advancement for sports.

1/ Hawk-eye technology

This technology use about 6 or 7 high-end cameras to be situated in the field to follow all situations and performance during the play. Once there is trouble, referee can use hawk-eye technology to see the record and give the final conclusion. Therefore, it is also called with nickname as judge-eye.

It has been used for many sports such as tennis, cricket, rugby or volleyball since 2006. The fact that it is good record to consult to real referee before making decision. It contributes to an accurate result for players.

Some benefits of haw-eye technology such: help referee to make an error-free decision accurately and quickly when the game is on. Then players and spectators feel persuasive and satisfactory.

2/ HANS device

HANS device is one of the first equipment to support safe for players in motorsports. HANS stands for “head and neck support” which is extremely convenient and useful on motorbike races.

The fact that motorbike or car race is a dangerous sport which has ever caused serious accidents, even the death for divers. For example, terrible death of Dale Earnhardt at the Daytona 500 related to head and neck trauma injury. This sad event required this sport should be invented equipment to protect diver in safe in event of a tragic crash. As a good consequence, HANS device has been invented.

HANS is a U-shaped device which is put behind the neck while its two arms are put on chest of driver so that it can keep head stable without whipping forwards or backward in one crash happens.

Messi is the football striker that earns the largest amount of money

In the new publication of France Football magazine, Lionel Messi is the best money player – with $ 142 million in 2019. This includes salary, bonuses and advertising revenues. His income increased by a million USD compared to the previous year.

Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second with 128 million USD, while Neymar received 103 million USD.

The income of female players is much less than that of male colleagues. The best female player to make money in a year, Carli Lloyd (USA) received 520,000 USD. Her compatriot Megan Rapinoe is second with 450,000 USD, while Norwegian star Ada Hegerberg is third with 434,000 USD.

Among coaches, Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid Club) leads with 44 million USD. Followed by Antonio Conte (Inter, 33 million USD) and Pep Guardiola (Man City, 30 million USD).

The income of football stars is likely to decline in 2020 due to the Covid-19 effect. Many European football tournaments are postponed. Club revenue, sponsorships and advertising contracts are at risk of a sharp decline.

Messi is out of the top 5 for transfer pricing

Barca captain Lionel Messi slipped from fourth to eighth on Transfermarkt’s transfer price list. According to the latest assessment of Transfermarkt – a website specializing in valuing players on the transfer floor, Messi reached a transfer price of about $ 153 million. In the Top 10, he only ranked above Antoine Griezmann and Jadon Sancho, the two players cost $ 131 million.

In the previous assessment, Messi ranked fourth with Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne. However, at present, these four players all surpassed and shared the price of 163 million USD.

Neymar ranked second with a price of 174 million USD. Compared to the record 263 million USD set in 2017 when returning to PSG, the Brazilian striker is at a “lower” level. Raheem Sterling, Manchester City’s winger, is in second place with Neymar. Transfermarkt appreciates the British star for his youth and style.

Kylian Mbappe still ranked first with a valuation of $ 220 million. At the age of 21, the PSG striker still has plenty of time to play and the opportunity to become a monument. PSG are doing everything possible to keep Mbappe in the eye of Real Madrid and Liverpool.

According to experts, if a real transfer occurred, the price of Mbappe could be even higher. Many sources confirm, Real is willing to pay $ 300 million for PSG.

Chelsea earns huge revenue from football player transfers

From being a “blockbuster” buying team, Chelsea has become the most profitable team in the last two transfer periods.

During the two summer transfers of 2019 and January 2020, Chelsea earned about 273 million USD. Meanwhile, they only cost 49 million to Real to buy Mateo Kovacic. With a profit of 224 million, Chelsea is the team making the most money from the transfer.

The Chelsea rotation of 180 degrees, from a giant to a big profit team, is due to a ban on buying players from FIFA during the summer transfer window. In addition, the sale of Eden Hazard to Real also gives them an attractive sum.

Benfica ranked second with a profit of 182.5 million USD. They gained this position mainly through the sale of Joao Felix to Atletico for 146 million. Ajax is third with 150 million profit. Followed by Sporting, Salzburg, Lille, Hoffenheim, Sampdoria, Eindhoven and Empoli.

Of the 10 most profitable teams, Chelsea is the only Premier League representative. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy have two teams.

In the group with the most losses, Real took the lead with a deficit of 198 million. The former European champion tried to reduce losses by selling and lending to players, but could not compensate for spending more than 300 million to buy players.

Hazard and expensive players make Real a serious deficit.

Aston Villa, rookie of the Premier League this season, surprised the second place with a deficit of 186 million. Due to earning more royalties by returning to the Premier League, this team spent heavily to increase relegation.

The three teams behind Aston Villa are Barca (deficit of 181 million), Man Utd (166) and Tottenham (154).

In the top five national championships in Europe, the Premier League has the largest deficit of 925 million. Ligue 1, meanwhile, is the only tournament with a profit of 116.5 million.

British giants ‘make money’: M.U unmatched from sponsors

The fact that Manchester United does not meet their expectations on the pitch nor deny the fact that they have the ability to make endless money from sponsors.

It is no coincidence that Manchester United is considered the club with the scale, brand and attraction in the world. According to recent statistics from the financial agency Dellote, Manchester United has the ability to make money from sponsors far beyond the remaining Premier League clubs.

Recently, Arsenal has officially announced the signing of a sponsorship contract for the main name on the shirt with the Emirates sponsor for another 5 years. “Gunners” will collect huge amounts of money up to 200 million pounds.

However, this level is nothing compared to the level of Manchester United, with 47 million pounds. English club together with car corporation Chervolet. After that, M.U together with AON Cop, a major service provider in the world in the field of risk management and insurance, signed a contract to sell the club’s training ground name.

The fact that Manchester United does not meet their expectations on the pitch nor deny the fact that they have the ability to make endless money from sponsors.

Notably, this is different from the Emirates, when the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires Arsenal not to sell other training shirts to other partners (similar to the Emirates Stadium), MU can still make huge money from sponsorships for the jerseys, training ground and training shirts, other sponsorship contracts related to the use of images, logos, brands, players and coaches of the club.

This figure increased to 275.5 million compared to last year, an increase of 2.7% in the club’s financial statements in the 2016/2017 season.

Adidas and sportswear maker Chervolet also helped M.U to make a lot of money, and outstripped other UK clubs in this amount (look at the chart). Note that these are only 3 main brands, compared to other brands that Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man CIty, etc. are collaborating with.

The list of the richest tennis players in the world

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal are the best tennis players in the world today. Along with countless titles, the money this trio earns is also the worst form of the tennis village.

Specifically, to date, Roger Federer has earned $ 116,974,906 bonuses since becoming a professional athlete in 1998.

Second place is no other than Novak Djokovic. Specifically, the Serbian tennis player has made a total of 50.6 million USD in the past year. Djokovic makes a lot of money from tournaments. He beat Federer in this amount with $ 20.6 million in prize money.

In contrast, Djokovic is not as good at advertising attraction as his seniors. Wimbledon 2019 champion only pocketed 30 million USD when he attached to brands such as Lacoste, Jacob’s Creek, Seiko, etc.

Nadal is 3rd with 101,328,524 USD in prize money. According to statistics, from June 2017 to June 2018, Nadal pocketed $ 41.6 million and ranked 72nd in the Forbes list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities of the year.

“Gaur” also ranked 20th on the list of athletes with the highest income today.

Just regained his form but Djokovic is still ranked 2nd in terms of bonuses

The world’s fourth-highest earner is the female tennis player who won the most Grand Slam titles in history, Serena Williams, with a total prize money of $ 86,229,519.

Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and interesting statistics around the top of the ATP rankings

By reaching the final of the Wimbledon 2018, Williams has an additional $ 1.5 million. However, due to a nearly 1-year break, Williams’ income was affected.

Serena is the highest paid female tennis player in history

Another star to mention is Andy Murray, a British tennis player who made $ 60,837,856 in his career.

Murray has not played for 11 months and only returned to Queen 2018 in June.

Facebook spends money on buying global sports licenses (Part 2)

Failure before Star India certainly does not detract from this ambition of Facebook as it continues to spend money to buy copyright of other sports tournaments in the world.

With a cash pile of about US $6 billion, Facebook certainly has more resources than traditional television stations alone and this is no small advantage whenever it wants to compete for copyright in a certain market to entice. viewers, expand your inherently powerful social network empire.

Not only the Premier League, many of the world’s major sports leagues are part of Facebook’s expansion plan.

Facebook started streaming live sports events about the past two years, starting from a charity match between Manchester United and Everton in early August 2016. Since that time, the company has poured money to buy copyrighted tournaments from football to basketball, baseball and other sports.

In 2017, Facebook successfully acquired the rights to 20 matches in the framework of the leading American baseball league Major League Baseball (MLB). Matches are free to all Facebook users within the United States. The value of the deal was not disclosed by the two sides.

By 2018, Facebook continues to have exclusive rights to 25 games of MLB 2018 at a price estimated by experts at $ 30-35 million.

Commenting on the deal, Lee Berke, a media expert in the US, said that “similarly when sports content on traditional television is shifting to cable television, we are seeing a similar trend. .. This is the next big leap.”

Facebook has also cooperated with Fox to get the rights to broadcast the UEFA Champion League (C1 Cup) in the United States. The carrier also negotiated itself with UEFA to have the rights to broadcast 32 matches of this tournament in Latin American countries for 3 consecutive seasons from 2018 to 2021.

The social networking giant also participated in a 10-match copyright auction of the 2017 American National Football League, but it lost to Amazon when the online retail giant launched it. $ 10 million, five times the price that Twitter, another major social network, bought in 2016.

Obviously, £200 million for the Premier League copyright in 3 years is just a move in the game Facebook’s desire.